Just Like the 80’s

25 Jun

IMG_7751 IMG_7746 IMG_7761 IMG_7759

Sunday: Sorry for the late post but I’m off from work this week which means I take a break from everything that “I” don’t want to do. That means, if I don’t want to cook, I don’t. If I don’t want to clean, I don’t. And so on and so forth. So even though the pics are from Sunday, I am just now “feeling like” posting them. Not that I don’t care about you, my readers, sometimes you just need to take a break with some things in order to re-energize yourself. If you don’t do it yourself, maybe you should try it. It definitely works for me! Anyways, these jeans I purchased back during the Winter time. I knew I had to have them because I had been thinking of this two-tone style of jeans that we used to wear back in the 80’s and was hoping that they would come around again like most other styles from then. They are not exactly what we used to wear (Lee jeans were the type we wore; more of street/breakdancing style), but the idea is the same. I also remembering wearing similiar versions of the two-tone jean back in the early 90’s. I had jeans with leather fronts, sequin fronts and a patchwork multi-colored suede pair. I wish I would have kept those things. That’s why I am such a clothes hoarder now. The anticipation that one day my grandchildren will want to wear the styles that I am wearing today and also some of my now vintage pieces and the pieces that will one day be vintage. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Tank: Old Navy

Jeans: Boscov’s

Shoes: DSW

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