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Miu Miu-like

28 Jul

IMG_8630 IMG_8636 IMG_8643 IMG_8632 IMG_8639

Sunday: Mixing patterns is still a big trend. The way I’ve done it today is pretty basic. Usually mixing patterns can get pretty involved when your dealing with multiple colors. But since I’m only doing it with two colors it’s like doing basic math instead of of algebra or trigonometry (if that makes since to you, it does to me because math is my Achilles heel, ugh!, lol). Anyway, I don’t remember which came first, the shoes or the top, but I know that I purchased one to go with the other for the pattern mixing. Well, not just for that reason, but that was the idea even though I know I’ll wear each of them again separately. I was so excited when I found these shoes because I had been stalking the pair that these were replicated for. Miu Miu had put out this style of checked slingbacks with a bow detail  at the ankle (seen here). They come in blue, fuchsia and green. The ones I have came in green, black, blue and fuchsia. The only ones that were in my size were the blue and the fuchsia ones, and of course I bought both. The Miu Miu ones were about $600. You know, you pay for the designer name and of course the quality is top notch. But for me, my little “knock-offs” are perfect! Especially since I paid next to nothing for them. They were inexpensive to begin with but I found them on the clearance rack which made them a definite “buy me now”! Have you found any fashion steals lately? A lot of mid-season sales going on right now. Don’t miss out! Hope you had a great and fashionable weekend! God Bless!

P.S.: Sorry for the same background in my pics lately. It’s just easier to take them myself than to find someone else to take them. It is all about the outfits anyway, right? Lol!

Peplum Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Joe Fresh (JCP)

Shoes: Breckelle’s (Rugged Warehouse)

Renew and Reuse

27 Jul

IMG_8574 IMG_8588 IMG_8590 IMG_8599 IMG_8605 IMG_8575 IMG_8589 IMG_8601 IMG_8594

Saturday: Just an easy, breezy dress kind of day. I picked this dress up from Urban Outfitters. It’s from Urban Renewal, a line that takes old pieces/vintage pieces and gives them a new life. I love idea of reusing old things and not throwing them away to be left in landfills to contribute to the demise of our environment. Plus, I like vintage clothing because most of the time it is one-of-a-kind because it is probably the only one of its kind left on this Earth and no one else will have it. I love the oversize fit of this dress how it just hangs on my body. Very comfy and very sheer in the light so I added a tank and “biker shorts” as to not expose myself. I initially planned on wearing an ankle boot but decided to go with these flatform sandals instead. Maybe I’ll do the boots another time. That’s all for now! Stop back again for my latest outfit post. God Bless!

Dress: Urban Renewal (UO)

Flatform Sandals: GAP (old)


27 Jul

IMG_8516 IMG_8523 IMG_8546 IMG_8550 IMG_8517 IMG_8554 IMG_8526 IMG_8518 IMG_8552

Friday: This is what I wore to celebrate my church’s 20th Anniversary. The function was held at the Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill, PA. It was a great occasion filled with wonderful testimonies dedicated to Pastor and Minister Echols. We saw a slideshow with various photos from throughout the 20 year history of Word Of Faith Christian Center in Philly. There was also a music ministry by saxophonist Jose Carbona and a bit of comedy from  comedian Charles Walden. Overall it was an awesome night and I look forward to the next 20 years! About the outfit: the occasion called for formal or semiformal attire. Perfect! Now I will get a chance to wear one of several formal gowns that I have “collected” over the years. When I purchased said gowns, I didn’t have a particular event in mind but since they were such a great deal, I didn’t say nothing wrong with just buying them and holding on to them until that special occasion arose. I believe that when you come across such great deals on formal or dressy attire, don’t hesitate to purchase and put away for that special day. By doing such, you will always be prepared and will not have to run around to find that piece that is needed. So this gown was purchased 4 years ago. I really didn’t remember exactly when I bought it, but the tag on it said July 2009. Now, just if I had a few more events to attend I would get to pull out some of the other gowns! Enjoy your weekend, what’s left! God Bless!

Gown: Kay Unger (Loehmann’s)- very old

Shoes: ? old

Over Alls

27 Jul

IMG_8424 IMG_8439 IMG_8432 IMG_8443

Thursday: So initially this was supposed to be a day at the Shore with my sister and her boys and my cousin and her youngest daughter. But the weather had another thing in mind. It just so happened to be the coldest day of the season. It was only 65 degrees when I awoke and my Channel 10 weather team said it was currently raining at the Shore and it was going to rain all day. Not only was it going to be cold and rainy at the Shore, inland it was going to be cloudy and only in the low 70s. So since our day at the Shore was a bust, we decided to stay close to home and take the kids to the Funplex. An outing like such called for me to wear flats and something very comfy. This cool weather was the opportunity to wear my overalls. Kept the look casual and simple by wearing this floral tee and some flat ankle strap sandals. Well, flat to me. They actual have a small heel but I still consider them flats compared to what I usually wear. I guess I’ll wear them with some ankle strap heels the next time. Whenever that will be! But anyways, had a great day with the fam, as usual. I was definitely ready to go home and take a nap afterwards! I’m not used to that anymore. My kids are grown! Thanks for stopping by the blog! God Bless!

Tee: Joe Fresh (JCP)

Overalls: Arizona (JCP)

Sandals: Me Too (TJ Maxx)

Striped Perfection

24 Jul

IMG_8337 IMG_8351 IMG_8360 IMG_8375 IMG_8391 IMG_8355 IMG_8379 IMG_8400

Sunday: I finally decided to take my new Fendi skirt out the closet. I found this skirt a few months ago and knew it was a keeper. I didn’t realize it was designer at first. Being a big fan of stripes, they are what initially grabbed my attention. But then when I got a good look at it, the design features sealed the deal. It is like nothing that I’ve ever seen before! The front portion where the stripes run horizontally, is actual a removable flap that is buttoned to the skirt. It kind of reminds me of kilt, a loincloth or a Roman garment. The stripes are made of a gold silk material. And the pockets are a definite bonus and always a favorite feature of mine. Kept the rest of the styling basic with the simple black tank and black ankle strap sandals. Ok, enough said for tonight. I’m tired, it’s late and I have to work in the a.m. God Bless!

Tank: JCP

Skirt: Fendi

Shoes: MK (very old)


23 Jul

IMG_8314 IMG_8321 IMG_8328 IMG_8303 IMG_8324

Saturday: This is what I wore this past Saturday when we were still in the heat wave. This dress is one of the many pieces from Duro Olowu’s collection for JCP. I think he had some nice pieces but from the looks of things (being the large volume of pieces now on the clearance rack), they didn’t sell too well. I initially bought a few pieces when they first went on sale. To me, I just wasn’t willing to pay the retail that they wanted for them. And it seems many others didn’t want to either. Or maybe they just wasn’t feeling the pieces in general. But anyways, I’m not mad because now they are dirt cheap and I am taking advantage of the great deals. I love the color combinations used in the dress and decided to wear my red sandals to give an extra pop of complementary color. That’s all for now. I still have one more post from the weekend. God Bless!

Dress: Duro Olowu (JCP)

Sandals: Nine West (Marshall’s)

Caged and Cuffed

14 Jul

IMG_8228 IMG_8230 IMG_8233 IMG_8237 IMG_8236

Sunday: Thought I would finally pull out this vibrant colored peplum top that  I bought a few months ago. I already owned a few peplums but couldn’t resist this one due to its bright color and also the little key hole opening in the back (sorry didn’t get photos of it, had to make it to church in time for communion) and just the overall geometric shape of the top. Anyway, I wanted to wear this top a little different from what is expected. Normally I love to pair peplums with fitted pencil skirts because they just look great together b/c the flair of the peplum falls nicely over your hips of the slim fitting pencil skirt. So, I decided to dress it down by wearing this very casual cargo pants. If you hadn’t noticed, I love some mens’ clothing for myself. I can often be found in one of Javar’s shirts but for pants I usually just buy mens’ pants for myself. So that’s what I did with these. I actually sized up to make them more slouchy. And then the footwear. These booties are a few years old and have only been worn probably all of 1x. In the past I had thought about styling them with some outfits but didn’t for unknown reasons. So when I put this outfit together, these were a no-brainer. I usually bring out 2-3 options for footwear but I was so sure that I would wear these that I didn’t even consider any other options. As for the earcuff, I am definitely loving that trend! If any of you can remember, we used to rock earcuffs back in the 80’s. Only they weren’t so elaborate as this or others that are out now. We just had the plain cuff portion that went around the upper ear. So since I purchased quite a few, you will be seeing more of them on this blog. OK, I’ve said enough. Gonna let you go. Enjoy your upcoming week and the heat that is in store (yay!). God Bless!

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Pants: William Rast (JCP Mens’ Department)

Booties: Penny Loves Kenny (DSW)

Earcuff: local hair supply store

Booties in the Summertime

13 Jul

IMG_8208 IMG_8213 IMG_8217 IMG_8209 IMG_8222 IMG_8215 IMG_8223 IMG_8224

Saturday: I think denim cutoffs are becoming my Summer uniform. I do own several pair so it’s so easy for me to just grab a pair, throw on some type of top and call it a day (or outfit, that is!). Also, if you haven’t noticed, I love wearing ankle booties with just about everything. They are so comfy and versatile that I like wearing them with shorts, skirts, dresses,  and jeans. So because I’m loving them so much, I have been buying more to add to the collection that I am acquiring. From leather to suede, my collection is slowly but surely increasing. I don’t usually get many wears out of my shoes but I am definitely getting my monies worth out of my booties! Some of you may think, “why in the world is she wearing booties in the Summer”? But believe it or not, they are not much different from wearing any other kind of footwear that covers your feet like sneakers for instance. My feet actually stay pretty comfortably cool. Now they don’t provide the type of ventilation that sandals provide but that’s ok with me. If I want that then I’ll wear the sandals, otherwise I’ll stick to my booties. They also provide that extra support that a flat sandal doesn’t. I can only stand walking in flat sandals/shoes for so long then my feet/ankles start to hurt. Anyways, enough about booties. Thanks for continuing to read my blog. God Bless!

Top: TRAMP (very old)

Shorts: DIY Vintage Levi’s

Booties: Old Navy

Hat: UO

Wink Wink

13 Jul

IMG_8168 IMG_8173 IMG_8181 IMG_8197 IMG_8188 IMG_8177

Friday: I kind of just threw this outfit together to run out and grab something to eat. I knew it was raining but didn’t realize that we were having hurricane-like rains or else I would have worn my wellies. But anyways, I picked this sweater up a few months ago. As you can tell from my other posts, I love a graphic sweater with some kind of cutesie saying or graphic. I like that this one has cartoonish/comicbook type lettering. I was also drawn to the colors. How the pink pops against the gray and the blue-ish/purplish outlining and collar. I thought that I would make the look more quirky by wearing one of my many pairs of non-prescription glasses. The animal print booties just didn’t really “go with” the whole look but that’s why I liked it. Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Sweater: Old Navy (Clearance)

Jeans: F21 (very old)

Booties: Rampage

Gladiator in Polka Dots

7 Jul

IMG_8093 IMG_8101 IMG_8103 IMG_8096 IMG_8111 IMG_8108

Saturday: So we are finally having my type of weather! Now this is Summer! When we get high humidity and temps rising above 90 degrees for more than three consecutive days (heat wave!). And then you factor in the heat index and it feels like 100+ degrees, I love it! So I had to dress accordingly to be outside at a cookout. Nothing complicated and fussy. Just a tank and some cutoffs was the perfect outfit. And some flat sandals to maneuver the rough terrain of the back yard. What is your go to outfit when the temperatures began to soar? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Tank: Old Navy

Cutoffs: Levi’s Urban Renewal (UO)

Gladiator Sandals:

Bracelet/Ring Combo and Necklaces: F21

Headband: Old Navy