Independence Woman

7 Jul

IMG_7820 IMG_7825 IMG_7829 IMG_7822 IMG_7844 IMG_7848

Fourth of July: Showing my patriotic spirit in non-conventional way. Instead of the traditional red, white and blue ensemble, I decided to wear this deconstructed flag crop top with some vintage cutoffs. I still consider this look to be very American. It’s what I describe as a grungy-rockerish-festival attire. It’s not a look that you might typically see me in but has become a favorite of mine. Well, I guess there is not one particular look that I wear all the time. My love of fashion encompasses so many different styles. I love things that are different and may not be worn by the masses but I also love trendy pieces too. It’s just whatever I am attracted to at that moment. So when I describe my style, I would just say I’m all over the place. More of a style chameleon, as you can tell from my outfit posts on this blog. I don’t take fashion too seriously. It’s just all fun to me! So there you have it! Even though you didn’t ask for it (ha ha)! Thanks for reading! Hope you had a blessed and safe holiday. God Bless!

Tee: Rainbow

Cutoffs: Lee Urban Renewal (UO)

Boots: BDG. (UO)

Hat: American Eagle via TJ Maxx


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