Caged and Cuffed

14 Jul

IMG_8228 IMG_8230 IMG_8233 IMG_8237 IMG_8236

Sunday: Thought I would finally pull out this vibrant colored peplum top that  I bought a few months ago. I already owned a few peplums but couldn’t resist this one due to its bright color and also the little key hole opening in the back (sorry didn’t get photos of it, had to make it to church in time for communion) and just the overall geometric shape of the top. Anyway, I wanted to wear this top a little different from what is expected. Normally I love to pair peplums with fitted pencil skirts because they just look great together b/c the flair of the peplum falls nicely over your hips of the slim fitting pencil skirt. So, I decided to dress it down by wearing this very casual cargo pants. If you hadn’t noticed, I love some mens’ clothing for myself. I can often be found in one of Javar’s shirts but for pants I usually just buy mens’ pants for myself. So that’s what I did with these. I actually sized up to make them more slouchy. And then the footwear. These booties are a few years old and have only been worn probably all of 1x. In the past I had thought about styling them with some outfits but didn’t for unknown reasons. So when I put this outfit together, these were a no-brainer. I usually bring out 2-3 options for footwear but I was so sure that I would wear these that I didn’t even consider any other options. As for the earcuff, I am definitely loving that trend! If any of you can remember, we used to rock earcuffs back in the 80’s. Only they weren’t so elaborate as this or others that are out now. We just had the plain cuff portion that went around the upper ear. So since I purchased quite a few, you will be seeing more of them on this blog. OK, I’ve said enough. Gonna let you go. Enjoy your upcoming week and the heat that is in store (yay!). God Bless!

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Pants: William Rast (JCP Mens’ Department)

Booties: Penny Loves Kenny (DSW)

Earcuff: local hair supply store


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