Renew and Reuse

27 Jul

IMG_8574 IMG_8588 IMG_8590 IMG_8599 IMG_8605 IMG_8575 IMG_8589 IMG_8601 IMG_8594

Saturday: Just an easy, breezy dress kind of day. I picked this dress up from Urban Outfitters. It’s from Urban Renewal, a line that takes old pieces/vintage pieces and gives them a new life. I love idea of reusing old things and not throwing them away to be left in landfills to contribute to the demise of our environment. Plus, I like vintage clothing because most of the time it is one-of-a-kind because it is probably the only one of its kind left on this Earth and no one else will have it. I love the oversize fit of this dress how it just hangs on my body. Very comfy and very sheer in the light so I added a tank and “biker shorts” as to not expose myself. I initially planned on wearing an ankle boot but decided to go with these flatform sandals instead. Maybe I’ll do the boots another time. That’s all for now! Stop back again for my latest outfit post. God Bless!

Dress: Urban Renewal (UO)

Flatform Sandals: GAP (old)


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