Miu Miu-like

28 Jul

IMG_8630 IMG_8636 IMG_8643 IMG_8632 IMG_8639

Sunday: Mixing patterns is still a big trend. The way I’ve done it today is pretty basic. Usually mixing patterns can get pretty involved when your dealing with multiple colors. But since I’m only doing it with two colors it’s like doing basic math instead of of algebra or trigonometry (if that makes since to you, it does to me because math is my Achilles heel, ugh!, lol). Anyway, I don’t remember which came first, the shoes or the top, but I know that I purchased one to go with the other for the pattern mixing. Well, not just for that reason, but that was the idea even though I know I’ll wear each of them again separately. I was so excited when I found these shoes because I had been stalking the pair that these were replicated for. Miu Miu had put out this style of checked slingbacks with a bow detail  at the ankle (seen here). They come in blue, fuchsia and green. The ones I have came in green, black, blue and fuchsia. The only ones that were in my size were the blue and the fuchsia ones, and of course I bought both. The Miu Miu ones were about $600. You know, you pay for the designer name and of course the quality is top notch. But for me, my little “knock-offs” are perfect! Especially since I paid next to nothing for them. They were inexpensive to begin with but I found them on the clearance rack which made them a definite “buy me now”! Have you found any fashion steals lately? A lot of mid-season sales going on right now. Don’t miss out! Hope you had a great and fashionable weekend! God Bless!

P.S.: Sorry for the same background in my pics lately. It’s just easier to take them myself than to find someone else to take them. It is all about the outfits anyway, right? Lol!

Peplum Top: Forever 21

Jeans: Joe Fresh (JCP)

Shoes: Breckelle’s (Rugged Warehouse)


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