Beatle Booties

4 Aug

IMG_8647 IMG_8656 IMG_8664 IMG_8666 IMG_8659 IMG_8661

Friday: Yes, it’s that time again! School will be starting in 3 short weeks. So that means time for school shopping. Only for the past 3 years, Javar has been wearing uniforms. So now that he is entering high school, we have to shop for not only school supplies, but new clothes. Which I am excited about because everyone knows that I love fashion and shopping for clothes. It doesn’t just stop at shopping for myself, but for anybody else. And because he is his mother’s child, he loves shopping for clothes too. He knows what he likes but I know he will be open to my suggestions too. So this was my school shopping outfit.

Finally wore this skirt that I bought probably well over a year or so ago. When I purchased it, along with the olive green one (yeah, multiples again, lol!), I knew I wanted to dress it down. So this tee and Beatle Booties did just that. I like taking something that’s supposed to be dressy (chiffon-y skirt) and throwing a tee on with it. It just makes the whole outfit less fussy and more effortless. And of course, wearing another one of my many new earcuffs. Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say about it. God Bless!

Men’s Tee: BCF

Skirt: Old Navy

Booties: Thrifted


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