African Pride

18 Aug

IMG_8879 IMG_8888 IMG_8886 IMG_8900 IMG_8889 IMG_8901

Friday: I wore this dress to run out to do errands. I really didn’t feel like going out let alone getting dressed so this was the easiest and most accessible thing to wear. That’s what I love about dresses in general, they are a no-brainer because it’s just one piece to throw on so you don’t have to worry about putting pieces together. So this dress is the one that I bought when my sister and I went to Odunde Festival back in June. I searched every vendor for the perfect African print dress and this one was it. I love the fit, the print and the price was right. I styled it two ways (not really styled but just changed it up a little, lol). I love that the sleeves are elasticized and look good up on the shoulders or off the shoulders for a more sassy look. I just noticed, but I love how the print going down the front give me an hour glass/curvy shape. Well, that’s all for now, short and sweet (for once, haha! I know). God Bless!

Dress: Street Vendor

Gladiator Sandals: ?? (very old)


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