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Delaware Fashion Awards 2013

29 Sep





Wednesday Night: Just some photos from the Delaware Fashion Awards from the other night. 1st time event but very well done! Only a couple of things that I would love for them to change and I indicated them on the survey they sent me. Anyways, here’s a few shots. My favorite consignment store in Delaware, Designer Consigner. If you’ve never been there, you need to go. The owner Michelle is so sweet and so is her mother who is sometimes in the store. The store has some great designer finds at great prices. I own several pieces from there and have also consigned some of my own stuff. Also, 2 of the night’s winners. I don’t remember the female’s name but she is a hair stylist. I loved her overall look! The guy, Shelton, was named Best Dressed Delaware Man. He is fierce and fabulous! I just met him that night but look forward to learning more about it. He informed me that he is a model and a fashion designer. I did see some of his designs on Instagram that were great. I am assuming that Delaware Today will have a spread on all the winners in their next issue, so check it out!

Natural Hair Expo 2013

29 Sep

IMG_9568 IMG_9534 IMG_9546 IMG_9532 IMG_9588 IMG_9545 IMG_9543 IMG_9576 imagejpeg_0

Saturday: Just some shots from the Naturally ReDefined Natural Hair Expo that was held in Delaware. This was their 2nd year for this expo and it was great! Naturalistas from the Tri-State area, Maryland, DC, Virginia, etc. Many vendors, great workshops, very good information, hair show competition, entertainment, good fellowship and more! If you missed it, what a shame. But make sure you attend next year, cause I will! Check out the link for the highlights from this year and the previous year here. Also, some pics are going to be on

A Touch of Masculinity

29 Sep

IMG_9595 IMG_9611 IMG_9602 IMG_9620 IMG_9626 IMG_9600 IMG_9633 IMG_9616 IMG_9624 IMG_9627

Sunday: Another pair of drop crotch/MC Hammer pants (shorts). I told you I love these things! Only thing with these ones, is the material wrinkles alot especially due to all the extra material that gathers under you as you sit. Anyway, I decided to keep the whole look more masculine by wearing these flat loafers. Yes, I am in flats. Mostly because of my post-surgerical toe situation, but also because there are so many cute and chic flats out right now that I have amassed quite a collection! The only thing is that sometimes I find them hard to style because I think every outfit looks better with heels and heels just make me feel more put together. But I am trying to embrace this flats thing more and more. Also, let it be known, that flats are not always comfortable to me. Just because they are flat people tend to think that they are more comfortable compared to flats. Not! I have a harder time wearing flats than heels most of the time. For me, it’s because the way that flats are sometimes cut, they just don’t fit comfortable around my feet. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me and my weird feet? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

P.S.: I don’t know what I was doing in the 5th pic but I thought it was funny/different pic to post.

Silk Blouse: Prada (old)

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Studio Paolo (JCP)

Stop Hammertime

27 Sep

IMG_9282 IMG_9287 IMG_9292 IMG_9295 IMG_9290 IMG_9299 IMG_9291 IMG_9309

Wednesday Night: This is what I wore to the first Delaware Fashion Awards. I picked this jumpsuit up several months ago, possible last year, I don’t remember. Anyway, of course it was the drop crotch that attracted me to it. I guess it’s more like “genie pants” or MC Hammer pants, since the entire butt/crotch areas are baggy and droopy and the the bottom legs are fitted. Anywho, I love it nonetheless. Everyone knows that I am a superfan of lounge wear and this jumpsuit is just as comfy as my “Forever Lazy” onesie. I also love added detail of the neck wrap. It just takes it up a notch and gives the jumpsuit a more chic vibe. Reminiscent of a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress that I own. As I still have trouble wearing heels and closed toe shoes, these Jessicas wore the winners for comfort but they also kept with the edgy look of the whole ensemble. Well, they were perfect in the beginning. Felt great when I tried them on (which the others did not), and almost lasted me through the night if I didn’t have to stand on my feet the whole time. No chairs were provided in the venue! That’s one suggestion I added when doing my survey for the event. Everyone knows that all shoes begin to hurt your feet if you’re standing for hours. It must have been men that put the event details together or women who don’t wear heels. I digress. Great event overall. I will do a post on it later. Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: BCF

Booties: Jessica Simpson


Connect the Dots

22 Sep

IMG_9264 IMG_9274 IMG_9278 IMG_9261 IMG_9281 IMG_9266

Sunday: Nothing special about this outfit today. Decided to dress these polka dot pants down by wearing them with this distressed tee and this hooded jacket. The tee I initially bought for Javar but because it is distressed (it has holes at the waist and a few other places), I guess too much for his liking, it has been added to my closet. Yeah, I know you can’t see it in these photos but believe me, the holes are there, lol. Maybe the next time I’ll wear it without a jacket and you can see what I’m talking about. Anyways, the hooded, sleeveless jacket is a piece from the Derek Lam x Kohl’s Collection. And my shoes, I think make the ensemble more interesting. I was just happy to be able to wear these low heels because my higher heels still aren’t comfortable yet. I also thought about wearing a flat bootie with this look but I decided that I’ll save that look for another day, such a football game, where these shoes wouldn’t work so well. That’s all for now! It’s Fall! Time for Fall dressing with boots and layering. Have fun this Fall with your fashion/style. Try something different! Step out of your box! God Bless!

Distressed Tee: F21 Men

Sleeveless Jacket: Derek Lam x Kohl’s

Pants: JCP

Shoes: Zara

Sock It 2 Me

22 Sep

IMG_9235 IMG_9237 IMG_9233 IMG_9230 IMG_9236

Just a quick menswear post since I haven’t done one in a while. Well, this is actually young men/teen style. Unless you’ve been under a rock, everyone knows that graphic tees have been the trend. It’s not just a female thing but also the males are taking part in this trend. Honestly, I believe that the men are the original wearers of a graphic tee. Women have just adopted it and wear it in a more versatile way such as with more dressed up pieces. So here Javar wears his which is a raglan tee (you know the old school baseball tees) with a pair of cutoff denim shorts. He also chose the ever-classic Chuck Taylor sneakers but added a little quirkiness with a sock that has a mustache pattern. He loves these types of socks and has several pairs with various motifs and patterns. I love an interesting sock on a man! It just gives the outfit so much more personality. Especially when a man has on a suit then when he sits down you see something other than just a plain ole’ solid colored sock. So tell your man he can have fun with fashion too. Even if he is conservative, he can rock a fly sock and show some personality. So women take some initiative and buy your man or your son those socks. He might just need you to help push him outside that box. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Raglan Tee: JCP

Denim Cutoffs: Arizona (JCP)

Socks: Target

Style Stalker

22 Sep

IMG_9241 IMG_9245 IMG_9255 IMG_9242 IMG_9251 IMG_9256

Friday: Just a quick post of what I wore Friday. The vest is something that I had been stalking and waiting for it to go on sale. The initial price was more than I wanted to pay even though it was well below MSRP and I loved it so. But I had faith that it would go down in price to something I was willing to put out. And, I knew it was one of those pieces that very few people would want so I had a feeling that it would be on the sale rack when I went to look for it. Because I tend to gravitate more towards pieces that the average person doesn’t want, I get lucky sometimes by waiting for them to go on sale. So I finally purchased it a few months back but only on this day that I decided to wear it. These booties is another one of those stalked items. I knew that I had to have them the minute I laid my eyes on them! But since I barely ever pay full retail for anything, I wasn’t willing to do it this time. And also because I know that they always drop the prices after a few weeks of putting them out on the floor, I decided to wait. So when they went on the sale rack I still didn’t want to pay the 30% off that they wanted. I decided to wait it out in hopes of getting them down even further. Well, instead of them going down any further, I received an offer for a dollar amount off a purchase which brought them down to where I was willing to pay. And that folks is how they ended up a part of my shoe collection. Does anyone else use these types of tactics while shopping? Or is it just me? Anyways, happy shopping and hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Vest: French Connection (BCF)

Shorts: Vintage Cutoff Levi’s

Booties: Steve Madden (DSW)