Night Night

10 Sep

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Sunday: When I saw these “pajama shorts” on the sale page of Zara, I just had to buy them! I love the trend of sleepwear as streetwear. Many designers have put out some great “pajama” pieces. They come in mostly button up shirts and pants. What makes them even better is when they have a great prints. I really like the print on print looks where the tops and the bottoms have the same prints. Even though I am not usually the one to go for pieces strictly for comfort, “pajama” pieces are the best! They are literally just like wearing your favorite pair of silk pj”s. Speaking of favorite silk pj’s, my all-time favorites was a pair that I had gotten as a gift that I literally wore until they fell apart. So wearing this shorts gave me that same comfy/cozy feeling. But just because they are pajama-like and comfy it doesn’t mean that you can look like a total slouch when you wear them. This look is better pulled off if you dress them up a bit. Hence the heels. So if you dare to try this trend, remember to dress it up or you will look like you just rolled out of the bed (not a good look!). Until the next time, God Bless!

Top: American Eagle (old)

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Fergalicious (Boscov’s)

Faux Leather Cap: JCP



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