Sock It 2 Me

22 Sep

IMG_9235 IMG_9237 IMG_9233 IMG_9230 IMG_9236

Just a quick menswear post since I haven’t done one in a while. Well, this is actually young men/teen style. Unless you’ve been under a rock, everyone knows that graphic tees have been the trend. It’s not just a female thing but also the males are taking part in this trend. Honestly, I believe that the men are the original wearers of a graphic tee. Women have just adopted it and wear it in a more versatile way such as with more dressed up pieces. So here Javar wears his which is a raglan tee (you know the old school baseball tees) with a pair of cutoff denim shorts. He also chose the ever-classic Chuck Taylor sneakers but added a little quirkiness with a sock that has a mustache pattern. He loves these types of socks and has several pairs with various motifs and patterns. I love an interesting sock on a man! It just gives the outfit so much more personality. Especially when a man has on a suit then when he sits down you see something other than just a plain ole’ solid colored sock. So tell your man he can have fun with fashion too. Even if he is conservative, he can rock a fly sock and show some personality. So women take some initiative and buy your man or your son those socks. He might just need you to help push him outside that box. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Raglan Tee: JCP

Denim Cutoffs: Arizona (JCP)

Socks: Target


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