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22 Sep

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Friday: Just a quick post of what I wore Friday. The vest is something that I had been stalking and waiting for it to go on sale. The initial price was more than I wanted to pay even though it was well below MSRP and I loved it so. But I had faith that it would go down in price to something I was willing to put out. And, I knew it was one of those pieces that very few people would want so I had a feeling that it would be on the sale rack when I went to look for it. Because I tend to gravitate more towards pieces that the average person doesn’t want, I get lucky sometimes by waiting for them to go on sale. So I finally purchased it a few months back but only on this day that I decided to wear it. These booties is another one of those stalked items. I knew that I had to have them the minute I laid my eyes on them! But since I barely ever pay full retail for anything, I wasn’t willing to do it this time. And also because I know that they always drop the prices after a few weeks of putting them out on the floor, I decided to wait. So when they went on the sale rack I still didn’t want to pay the 30% off that they wanted. I decided to wait it out in hopes of getting them down even further. Well, instead of them going down any further, I received an offer for a dollar amount off a purchase which brought them down to where I was willing to pay. And that folks is how they ended up a part of my shoe collection. Does anyone else use these types of tactics while shopping? Or is it just me? Anyways, happy shopping and hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Vest: French Connection (BCF)

Shorts: Vintage Cutoff Levi’s

Booties: Steve Madden (DSW)

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