Stop Hammertime

27 Sep

IMG_9282 IMG_9287 IMG_9292 IMG_9295 IMG_9290 IMG_9299 IMG_9291 IMG_9309

Wednesday Night: This is what I wore to the first Delaware Fashion Awards. I picked this jumpsuit up several months ago, possible last year, I don’t remember. Anyway, of course it was the drop crotch that attracted me to it. I guess it’s more like “genie pants” or MC Hammer pants, since the entire butt/crotch areas are baggy and droopy and the the bottom legs are fitted. Anywho, I love it nonetheless. Everyone knows that I am a superfan of lounge wear and this jumpsuit is just as comfy as my “Forever Lazy” onesie. I also love added detail of the neck wrap. It just takes it up a notch and gives the jumpsuit a more chic vibe. Reminiscent of a vintage Oscar de la Renta dress that I own. As I still have trouble wearing heels and closed toe shoes, these Jessicas wore the winners for comfort but they also kept with the edgy look of the whole ensemble. Well, they were perfect in the beginning. Felt great when I tried them on (which the others did not), and almost lasted me through the night if I didn’t have to stand on my feet the whole time. No chairs were provided in the venue! That’s one suggestion I added when doing my survey for the event. Everyone knows that all shoes begin to hurt your feet if you’re standing for hours. It must have been men that put the event details together or women who don’t wear heels. I digress. Great event overall. I will do a post on it later. Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: BCF

Booties: Jessica Simpson



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