Delaware Fashion Awards 2013

29 Sep





Wednesday Night: Just some photos from the Delaware Fashion Awards from the other night. 1st time event but very well done! Only a couple of things that I would love for them to change and I indicated them on the survey they sent me. Anyways, here’s a few shots. My favorite consignment store in Delaware, Designer Consigner. If you’ve never been there, you need to go. The owner Michelle is so sweet and so is her mother who is sometimes in the store. The store has some great designer finds at great prices. I own several pieces from there and have also consigned some of my own stuff. Also, 2 of the night’s winners. I don’t remember the female’s name but she is a hair stylist. I loved her overall look! The guy, Shelton, was named Best Dressed Delaware Man. He is fierce and fabulous! I just met him that night but look forward to learning more about it. He informed me that he is a model and a fashion designer. I did see some of his designs on Instagram that were great. I am assuming that Delaware Today will have a spread on all the winners in their next issue, so check it out!


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