27 Oct

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Sunday: A casual and relaxed look. That’s what I love about jeans, they can be styled in many different ways. Today I chose to dress them down with a tee and a pair of slip on sneakers. A mostly all gray and black look that is very different for me. I am a lover of color, prints and patterns to to catch me in a monochromatic or dark colors is unusual. This wasn’t done purposely but just came out that way. The jeans are a loose, slouchy pair, my favorite type of jean. The sneakers were a random find that I purchased post toe surgery. They’re actually very comfy. You wouldn’t believe what I paid for them! I almost got them for free! I wish you could see them better. They are canvas, the color of my jeans. A little black-gray and the top is black sequins. The whole look is a bit masculine so I added the blingy, feminine necklace to balance it out a little. And of course, the leatherette blazer completes the look. Hooe you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Blazer: I Heart Ronson (JCP)-old

Jeans: Levi’s

Sneakers: Report Shoes


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