Function or Fashion?

24 Nov

IMG_0570 IMG_0575 IMG_0578 IMG_0580 IMG_0572 IMG_0581 IMG_0573 IMG_0584

Saturday: Just a little leopard and neon today. Thought I’d put a twist on these leopard leggings by pairing them with this bright neon yellow sweatshirt. I like how the color pops off of the basic neutrals but it is also toned down a bit by the neutrals. It was actually a little brighter than it photographed.  The leggings aren’t as thin as your ordinary leggings. They are actually quite thick, more like a light-weight jean. It’s also that time of year when we gotta pull out the skullies, or beanies as they’re called outside of da ‘hood, lol. Today I wore it more for its function but it doesn’t hurt to coordinate it with your outfit. It can give an outfit a more laid-back vibe. Who said you can’t dress for function and still be fashionable? What’s your take on it? Do you dress for function, fashion or both? God Bless!

Men’s Sweatshirt: Boscov’s

Leggings: Hue

Booties: ? (very old)


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