15 Dec

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Saturday: This neon orange was a must for such a dreary, bad weather day. We had to venture out to attend my pastor’s wife’s surprise birthday party. The weather was forecasted to be pretty messy, light snow turning to rain, possibly freezing rain. But on our end of this weather situation, we just mostly got a ton of rain. I mean hard rain! It rained almost thru the night. Thank God it wasn’t snow because we might have ended up with at least a foot or more! Anyway, since I had to go out, I decided to wear something that would be weather appropriate, but still stylish. Well, according to “somebody”, my boots weren’t “weather appropriate” (says a man who just doesn’t understand being a woman or being a stylish woman and the sacrifices we make!) because I did need a helping hand while walking outside of the venue because the sidewalk was a tad slushy/icy. But anyway, I was not gonna wear “weather appropriate” boots to only walk from the outside sidewalk to into the venue! I considered them “weather appropriate” because they can get wet without being ruined, they just don’t have a rubber bottom. So, the neon is a pop of color to liven up the basic black and white. As for the hat situation, I initially was gonna wear the cloche. But then when I saw the photos, I decided it didn’t give me the look that I wanted so I just grabbed the “goes with everything” leather cap. Which also turned out to be the better choice considering the weather. The party was fun and had a good turn out, despite the nasty weather. How was your weekend? God Bless!

Men’s Sweatshirt: Boscov’s

Trousers: Worthington (JCP)

Boots: Zara


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