Solid Gold

1 Jan

IMG_1378 IMG_1375 IMG_1380 IMG_1386 IMG_1376 IMG_1385 IMG_1381

New Year’s Eve: My plans for NYE consisted of going to church and then home. I wanted to be comfortable but I also wanted to have a little bit of the “sparkle” that is usually associated with the night. I came across these gold jeans that was buried in the bottom of my closet. I believe I bought them a couple of years ago (along with a metallic copper pair), but the opportunity to wear such “flashy” pants never arose until tonight. They’re actually called “Disco” something or the other. Hence, the reason why the so remind of the old tv show, “Solid Gold”. I know those of you of a certain age remember that show! Lol! Anyways, wanted to tone it down a little so I wore darker colors and more casual pieces with them. The veiled beanie was something that Jil Sander showed on the runway last Spring. I loved the look! I actually planned on trying it back then and it fell off my radar until a fellow blogger, Monroe, from Fashion Steele NYC,  mentioned it again so I decided to give it a try. I hope you had a great NYE! God Bless!

Top: ? (can’t remember right now)(TJ MAxx)

Jeans: Celebrity Pink (Boscov’s)- old

Booties: F21 (very old)


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