Modern Tapestry

12 Jan

IMG_1456 IMG_1460 IMG_1464 IMG_1454 IMG_1458 IMG_1455

Sunday: Wearing a vegan leather dress today. I love the rich brownish-burgundy color. It works as a natural to me. It’s kind of trashbag-ish, sack-like but if you know me, you know I very rarely do anything bodycon so it suits my style just fine. I didn’t get a shot of the back but it has a slight peek-a-boo opening that runs vertical from the neck to the waist. Not obviously open back but just a slight hint. And of course, what girl doesn’t like a dress with pockets! The boots were a random purchase. I didn’t set out to buy them but once I saw them, I knew they were coming home with me. I know, they look like grandma’s couch and that gown Kim Kardashian wore here to the MET Gala when she was pregnant (I think it wouldn’t have been so bad if she wasn’t pregnant, just saying). But I like that they’re different and can easily add interest to any outfit. I was thinking wearing them with my all black ensembles that I have to wear on some Sundays. Now that I’m really looking at the photos, they look like something Prince would wear. Which is also fine with me. What do you think? I know they may not be everyone’s taste. But sometimes I may like something for someone else but not for myself. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like it at all. Right? Do you feel this way sometimes? Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Dress: Leith (Nordstrom)

Sheer Blouse: Old Navy (very old)

Booties: Diba (DSW)


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