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In the Navy

23 Feb

IMG_1730 IMG_1738 IMG_1741 IMG_1736 IMG_1745 IMG_1746

Sunday: Today was supposed to be an all black day but instead I decided to mix it up with navy blue instead. Does it matter, navy or black, they’re both dark neutrals, right? Anyway, I love a coated jean! This is the newest pair added to ones that I already own. Coated jeans just make jeans a little more dressy but also give you the look of leather. Wore a printed blouse to add a little interest instead of an all monochromatic look. And of course, I had to add a pop of color with these burgundy suede booties. I like to always throw on something a little unexpected and against “the norm” in an outfit. It just makes things a little more interesting! Try it sometime! Well, another weekend down. Thanks for reading and following my personal style diary (this blog). Have a blessed week! God Bless!

Blazer: F21

Blouse: I Heart Ronson (JCP)

Jeans: Old Navy

Booties: Steve Madden (DSW)

Pleats are In

23 Feb

IMG_1718 IMG_1720 IMG_1721 IMG_1719

Friday: I wore this to the Phileo Love Fellowship at church. The event was rescheduled from Valentine’s Day due to the weather. The dress code was business casual so I decided to wear these trousers instead of the dress that I initially had in mind. I am truly a dress girl and love to wear one every chance I get. The trousers won out at the last minute since I wasn’t in the mood to wear the dress. Anyways, these printed trousers are about 3-4 yrs. old. I remember purchasing them but this is the 1st time I’ve pulled them out to actually wear them (no good reason, it just happens that way sometimes). They’re are pretty medium weight material so they can be worn during either cooler or warmer months. I really dressed them down by wearing this studded knit pullover. And of course, I had to throw on a little heeled brown suede bootie as to not be too casual. I wish I would have taken a side shot of the booties so you could see the detail (the back half is a gold foil-like detail). I also have them in black leather with silver detail worn here. You know me and my multiples! Anywho, hope you enjoyed the great weather this weekend on the East Coast! I did and can’t wait until Spring! But I know Winter is not done with us yet even though most of us is done with it! God Bless!

P.S.: Sorry for the peek-a-boo bra situation, didn’t realize it until later, oops!

Sweater: Boscov’s

Trousers: Sportmax Code (TJ Maxx)

Booties: Cosmopolitan (JCP)

Brought to You By the Letter “A”

16 Feb

IMG_1678 IMG_1697 IMG_1681 IMG_1705 IMG_1708 IMG_1707

Sunday: As you may have noticed, I am on a letterman sweater kick. Remember I wore a letterman cardigan in this post. This sweatshirt is just another one of those that I am loving right now. I love how the huge white “A” pops off the stark black background. No, the “A” doesn’t really stand for anything in particular, I just love how it looks when paired something less sporty such as these printed trousers. It’s an unexpected combo and that’s what like about it. And then of course, the black tights with the white pumps just adds to quirkiness of the whole look. This look man not work for you, but the individual pieces can be worn with other pieces that is more your personal style. I believe everyone should own a pair of printed trousers. They are just that thing that could liven up your basic business attire. You could style them with a plain top/blouse, with or without a jacket. So step out of your neutral box. Give them a try! All the stores are selling them at every price point. Thanks for reading! I hope I inspire you to take some fashion risk that you might have never thought about trying! God Bless!

P.S.: The title is homage to Sesame Street! We were raised on Sesame Street, not literally, although my mom and aunt used to point out little girls that resembled my sister, my cousin and myself, and tell us that they were us, lol! And we believed them! My boys were also Sesame Street kids. I love that show! So educational and still going strong today after 40+ years. I don’t know about these other children’s programs, but you will never go wrong with Sesame Street! I digress!

Sweatshirt: F21

Trousers: Peebles

Pumps: Chinese Laundry

Where Brooklyn At?

16 Feb

IMG_1670 IMG_1667 IMG_1673 IMG_1675 IMG_1671

Friday: So this was my Valentine’s Day outfit. It wasn’t what I actually had in mind but considering the weather we were having, it only made since (practically). The grounds were snow covered and if not covered with snow, the melting had begun and things were a slushy mess! So instead of the cute skirt and heels that I wanted to wear, I gave in to more practical pieces. Overall, enjoyed a great V-day spent with the hubby. Caught Kevin Hart’s latest flick, “About Last Night”. It was definitely another hit for him! So funny, but also a great storyline with other incredible actors/actresses. Go check it out and see for yourself! Anyway, hope you had a great one whether with the one you love or whatever else you chose to do to celebrate!  God Bless!

Hey Brooklyn!

Sweatshirt: F21

Pants: F21

Booties: Ecote

On My Window Pane

10 Feb

IMG_1649 IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1652 IMG_1664 IMG_1660

Sunday: I love any form of white in the Winter. So these window pane trousers were an obvious choice. They’re actually comfortable/warm enough for colder weather, but would also work when we hit warmer days. Instead of keeping the look all black and white, I threw on this orange cowlneck sweater for a pop of color. Also, loving my new lace up pumps. I love a good pump but have a hard time wearing them due to my narrow heels that just won’t stay put. So when I saw this and how they are secured around the ankle, they had to come home with me! Hope you had a great weekend! Looks like another snow covered rush hour for us East Coasters, ugh! Let me try to get to sleep even though I’m not very tired right now due to my afternoon nap. God Bless!

Sweater: Thrifted?(old, can’t remember)

Trousers: Joe Fresh (JCP)

Shoes: Mix It! (DSW)


9 Feb

IMG_1623 IMG_1627 IMG_1633 IMG_1626 IMG_1634 IMG_1629

Saturday: I wore this little number to a birthday in honor of my great-aunt’s 80th! As you know, I’m not usually the bodycon dress type but when I saw this one and tried it on, I knew it was a keeper! Every once in a while a girl wants to show her curves a little, lol! Anyways, I love the pop of color with the black. And the horizontal stripes don’t make me look bigger as that fashion myth proclaims. Instead of plain black footwear, I thought the silver cap toe booties went rather well with the whole ensemble. And of course I added the cropped jacket as a completer piece. And also to cover my arms since the dress was short sleeved. The dress is actually pretty warm due to the lining, which was sort of a pain because it crept out from underneath when I stood up and had to be adjusted. But it was still all good. The exposed zipper down the back was a good touch of detail too (if I went jacket-less). Had a great time with the extended family seeing loved ones who live far away and those close by that I don’t see much anymore. My highlight of the night was running into an old high school teacher, Ms. Holmes, who was there. We had so much fun in her class! More than we should have, actually!  She still looks great! I believe she even taught my mom and her siblings! Alright, let me go. I still have one more post for you! God Bless!

Dress: B. Smart (JCP)

Jacket: Target

Cap Toe Booties: Jessica Simpson

On the Fringe

9 Feb

IMG_1615 IMG_1618 IMG_1622 IMG_1617

Friday: I wore this simple ensemble to go to Javar’s B-ball game. Nothing like a pair of distressed denim jeans that literally goes with everything! The fringed sweater I picked up during the additional 50% sale items. I liked the fringes hanging from the sweater. I reminds of something Isabel Marant would do. Nothing else to say about this outfit. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Sweater: F21

Jeans: MNG by Mango (JCP)

Boots: Traffic