27 Apr

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Sunday: Did I ever tell you how much I love a jumpsuit? Well I do! And this one I did not hesitate to snatch up and add to my collection. I know, like I really needed another black jumpsuit. I didn’t but I love the “lace”/cutout detailing on this one. Unfortunately, the length isn’t as long as I like but I still liked it enough to buy it. Due to the length, I knew that I had to wear flat shoes in order to not look like a flood was coming. I don’t mind ankle pants but not too much on wider legged pants. Plus, I needed to wear flats for church today (my visual arts day). Maybe I’ll rock a flat sandal of some sort with it when it gets warmer. I like the versatility of this jumpsuit going either casual or more dressed up. Everyone should own a jumpsuit. They are timeless and flatter every shape and size. You just need to get the right style to fit your figure. Oh yeah, I was just reminded that this is my 3rd anniversary for this blog! When I started, I didn’t expect anything from it only to have a photo diary of my outfits while offering some style/fashion advice and tips to whomever read it. And that’s exactly how it’s been except that I have more people reading than I would have imagined. I am grateful to all of you who read. Also, I’m glad that I inspire you to have fun with fashion. Fashion is one of my passions and I am glad that blogging is an outlet that allows me to express it. I hope you continue to read/follow and leave comments and any suggestions on something you may want me to cover on the blog. God Bless!

Jumpsuit: Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit (BCF)

Shoes: Arizona (JCP)


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