Hello Mario

31 Aug

IMG_3659 IMG_3643 IMG_3669 IMG_3637 IMG_3661 IMG_3671 IMG_3668 IMG_3658 IMG_3661

Sunday: This is outfit mash up today. I call it a mash up because it has pieces that are casual and pieces that are dressy. As I’ve said before, I like wearing unexpected pieces together. Now the average person probably wouldn’t put this lace skirt with a t-shirt at all, let alone this graphic character tee. And then have on a heel too! But that’s me and my sense of personal style. It’s not for everybody but it’s how I love to dress and express myself thru clothes/fashion. Everybody’s not going to like everything someone else wears but the key to pulling off your own personal style is to not worry about what others think and just do what makes you feel good! That’s my style advice for the day. I know you didn’t ask for it but there you have it, lol! Hope you are enjoying this long Labor Day weekend! God Bless!

Tee: Rugged Wearhouse (Mens’ Department)

Skirt: JCP

Shoes: Rainbow


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