Perfectly Imperfect

7 Sep

IMG_3708 IMG_3703 IMG_3715 IMG_3727 IMG_3718 IMG_3704 IMG_3717 IMG_3729

Sunday: First of all let me start by saying, in no way I’m trying to say that I’m “Perfect” in any way. Not physically, emotionally or spiritually. I believe that no man who has ever walked this Earth is perfect, except for Jesus Christ! So, ever since I saw June Ambrose sporting a Zara jersey dress, I was on a mission to find one. Of course, the one she had was sold out. I actually preferred the one she wore better but when I came upon this little number, no pun intended, lol, it was a must buy. The thing was I only had two options. I could either be a “Perfect 10” or I could be “Gorgeous”. And  so you see which made the cut. Anywho, I thought I would wear it today to kick off the start of football season. Of course I had to put my own swing on things by wearing these bright heels (other colors seen here and here) and a statement necklace. My initial thought was to actually wear it as a dress without pants (but shorts underneath, of course) but I liked this look better. I’m super excited for football season and what my baby (Javar) is going to do on the field this year! Also, got my two nephews doing their things on the football field too. Definitely some God-given talent in the family! Alright, I’m out for now. Until next time, God Bless!

Jersey Dress: Rainbow

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Rainbow

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