Popped with Pink

26 Oct

IMG_4549 IMG_4541 IMG_4547 IMG_4552 IMG_4548 IMG_4539 IMG_4553

Sunday: Another overall kind of day. This pair is very comfy! There a knit pair that I picked up while vacationing down the beach. Yeah, I like to shop while on vacay. That’s my thing to do. Everyone else chooses something they want to do while on vacay, and mine is always to shop. They may have some of the same stores that you see at home but different regions have buyers that may get different pieces than you would find in your local stores. So if shopping is your thing, don’t hesitate to check the local stores when you’re on vacay! Especially thrift stores! Alright, I’m out for now. It’s been a long birthday weekend! I’ll show you some of my gifts in another post. Thanks to everyone who bought me gifts and for the b-day wishes! God Bless!

Camo Button Down: JCP last season (hand-me-down from Javar)

Overalls: Marshall’s (OC Maryland)

Heels: Rainbow (2 of the 4 other colors worn here   and here )


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