2 Nov

IMG_4622 IMG_4625 IMG_4613 IMG_4626 IMG_4615 IMG_4627 IMG_4606

Sunday: I know it’s now November but I am still getting some wear out of my lighter weight clothing. I did initially have a turtleneck under this top but didn’t like how it looked. I figured the heat would be on in church so my arms wouldn’t get cold. Actually, the colder weather months are the best time to wear short sleeves in church because the heat will be on and not the air conditioner like in the Summer. Anyway, I liked the casualness of the top and how they used the jeweled neckline to dress it up a bit. You know how I like the juxtaposition of something more casual with something more dressy. The pants I picked up during Summer vacay at the beach. Nothing like a bold print! Side note: Michelle and I and her sister did our annual charity shopping event on Friday. We got some great pieces and the proceeds went to four different charities. Shopping for a cause! You’ll see them as I wear them in upcoming blog posts. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Trousers: J. Crew (Outlet in O.C.)

Shoes: Marni (


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