14 Dec

IMG_5138 IMG_5147 IMG_5125 IMG_5174 IMG_5129 IMG_5139 IMG_5163 IMG_5128

Friday: I wasn’t going to post these pics but decided to anyway. I initially thought they were too dark and with all the black on the lower half, everything just blended in. But after looking at them again, I guess they’re bright enough to see each piece as a separate instead of one black continuous piece. Anyway, I wore this to my Christmas outing for my job. I initially planned on wearing a dress with these OTK (over the knee) boots but wanted to go a bit more casual instead. The leather shorts could come off a touch revealing. Not in the sense of too much skin showing/sexiness, but more in the sense of wearing your legs out in the dead of Winter. So by adding this heavy knit turtleneck, the opaque tights and the OTK boots, the combination works in the cooler months. I love this pair of OTK boots because they are more casual with the lower heel. Most others that you’ll find have a stiletto heel and are more dressy. I’m going to wear this with a pair of skinny jeans next time and maybe even a pencil skirt or more conservative dress. Well, that’s all for now.  God Bless!

Blazer: BDG (Urban Outfitters)-old

Turtleneck Sweater: Abercrombie&Fitch (very very old)

Leather-like Shorts: Bisou Bisou (JCP)-old

OTK Boots: Ivanka Trump (Bloomingdale’s)


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