Furry Feet

21 Dec

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Sunday: Have I ever mentioned how much I love a turban! They used to be attributed to old lady wear but over the last few years they have become a chic accessory. Well, I and a few others think they are chic. Many of you may still consider them an older lady piece of head wear. But anyway, I adore a turban! Or just about any type of head wear for that matter. So when I came across this patterned black and white number, I had to purchase it! All of my other turbans are solid colors so I was really excited to find this one along with a few other patterned ones that will one day appear here on the blog. Since I wanted to wear this one today I decided to build my outfit around it. Meaning that all solid black and white would be the look of the day. I’m not going to explain much else about this look except for the fur heels. Yes, the fur is actually attached to the shoe! I have a set of fur “ankle warmers” that I had bought many years ago but never felt inspired to wear them. So when I came across these I thought why not give them a go. I would have much rather worn them with bare legs but that was not an option for this skirt due to the high slit (not for church). Maybe the next time with bare legs so that there is better contrast between my skin the fur. Oh, and after the photos I ditched the necklace because I thought it was too much. Yes, I said too much! Not often coming from me but I like the look without it after seeing it in the pics. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! God Bless!

Sweater: Mens’ Thrifted

Pencil Skirt: BCF

Shoes: Dollhouse

Turban: local hair supply store


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