Extended Winter Wear

28 Mar

IMG_6723 IMG_6746 IMG_6717 IMG_6736 IMG_6727 IMG_6742 IMG_6726

Saturday: I know it’s Spring, but here on the East Coast, it still feels like Winter. Today was only in the 30’s when I left and pretty windy all day. So since it’s still so cold (we even had snow flurries today, ugh!), why not dress for the temperature and not the season. I’m not one to put away the previous season’s clothing so fast. You never know when the temp. may not be what you expect. I always have whatever the weather calls for accessible so I don’t have to hunt around for things. I know many of you may have already put away those coats, but not I. It is still so chilly in the mornings that a heavier coat is required, even though the temps in the afternoon may go up a little. Just carry that coat out with you instead of wearing it after work. I don’t know about you, but I don’t play with being cold. I’d rather be hot and sweating then cold. But that’s just me! Anyway, hopefully within the next couple of weeks we’ll be able to dress like it’s Spring. Until then, continue to style those Winter pieces and maybe incorporate your new Spring pieces that you are anxious to wear. God Bless!

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply

Boots: American Eagle (Thrifted)

Hat: Scala (Boscov’s Men’s Department)-old


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