Back It Out

6 Jul

IMG_8040 IMG_8012 IMG_8051 IMG_8007 IMG_8040 IMG_8013 IMG_8043

I finally decided to wear this jumpsuit that I picked up last year. It was a pretty warm day, not too hot, so appropriate enough for pants. I could’ve also worn shorts or a dress but this was an opportunity for me to give this jumpsuit a go without being too hot. I love that the fabric is very lightweight and with the wide legs gives the look a whole easy breezy feel. I was hesitant about not wearing an undertop and having my bra revealed but I didn’t like how any top underneath looked, so what the hack, showing the bra won out (should of changed into a prettier one and not my standard, supportive everyday type,       ha ha!). Too bad I’m not a part of that group that can go braless because it would’ve made for a better look with the crisscross back of the jumpsuit. Oh well! The best thing about this look of all was that it felt as if I was wearing pj’s, which is always a good thing for me! Until, next time, God Bless!

Jumpsuit:? (BCF)

Wedges: Steve Madden (very very old)

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