Wide Brims and Cons

18 Jul

IMG_8221 IMG_8236 IMG_8216 IMG_8239 IMG_8228 IMG_8238

I wanted to style this classic shaped sheath dress in an unexpected way so decided on these hi-top converse and my wide brim hat. I also like the look of the bandana under the hat which I did for functional reasons because I buy most of my hats extra large to accommodate my big natural hair that I wear the majority of the time, so it fits a bit loose with these braids. Anyway, the whole ensemble was pretty comfortable for the day’s event, my nephew’s graduation party/BBQ. Did I say how proud (not boastful, but Godly proud) I am of him for graduating from college with a BA in Science. He has already been blessed with a position to teach History for 8th grade. God is so awesome! Nowadays it’s very rare for a new grad to finish school and get a job a month later. But that’s how God works for those who are faithful to Him. He gives us the desires of our heart! He is going to be a great role model to those kids and a great teacher! I digress! It’s just sometimes you gotta let people know that God is still doing great things and answering prayers. Hope you’re enjoying your Summer! God Bless!

Dress: JCP

Converse: ?? (super old)


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