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In the Lime Light

31 Aug

IMG_9592 IMG_9595 IMG_9571 IMG_9583 IMG_9593

Sunday: One of the many dresses that I picked up during one of my last shopping trips. The shoes that I already had, just happened to go with the lime green piping in the dress. I love a good dress and when I find them for a great price (super markdowns), I tend to purchase almost every one that I like. Actually during this one time, I had so many dresses draped over my arm that another shopper asked me “to leave some for her”. Ha,Ha! Whatever lady! Is what I thought to myself as I politely laughed off what she said. First of all, first come, first serve. Second of all, she did not even look like she would wear any of the dresses that I had picked out. They were not her “style”! Or shall I say, they didn’t appear to be her “style”. But then again, some things that I buy don’t look like they would be my “style” but when I style them with other pieces, they turn into my personal style. But anyway, I didn’t care what she said or what she thought. I tried every one of those dresses on and left with the almost every one of them. That’s the payoff of searching through the racks of clearance items or hunting through the racks of the off-price stores and thrift stores. Some people don’t enjoy the hunt, but I do. That’s what makes shopping so fun to me. Finding the unexpected piece and/or getting a great price for a piece. So now that it’s the end of Summer season, go out and scour those clearance racks and let’s see the treasures you find! Have fun! God Bless!

Dress: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Rainbow (old)

Rocking E&J with MJ

30 Aug

IMG_9503 IMG_9515 IMG_9545 IMG_9527

Saturday Night: Sorry for the poor quality of these photos, haven’t quite figured out how to take night photos with my recessed lighting. Getting better with camera settings so I’ll get it right soon. Anyway, I wore this out to go see a band. I didn’t want to get too dressed up or better yet, I didn’t want to wear heels so this MJ booties worked well with this little number. Speaking of the dress, I picked it up during one of my “just browsing shopping trips”, like over a year ago. The Summer night temps were perfect for it. It wasn’t hot, so I would be comfy with a long sleeve, but wasn’t too cool for exposed legs. My only issue with this dress is that it’s silk and every stain shows (ie; my body moisturizer while putting on the dress) and it wrinkles easily. Besides that, I like it, especially with a flat bootie. This is what I would call a transition piece. It can go from Summer (with a wedge or flat sandal) to Fall (with flat booties or boots). Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Dress: Elizabeth & James

Booties: Marc Jacobs (very old)

Casual Friday

25 Aug

IMG_9398 IMG_9421 IMG_9406 IMG_9423

Sunday: No, it’s not a Friday but it is a Casual Sunday. Well, the pants aren’t really casual but I styled them with casual pieces like the tee and the sneakers. The pants are a more dressy material but I like how they look worn more casual as if they were a pair of sweats. And it doesn’t hurt that they are super-comfy just like a pair of sweats. I was attracted to these pants because of way they open and fall in the front and the layered look of them. Anyone, until next time, hope you enjoy what’s left of the Summer as we get ready for the Fall fashion. God Bless!

Boho Mash-up

19 Aug

IMG_8756 IMG_8740 IMG_8757 IMG_8748 IMG_8741

Mixing things up a bit with a somewhat dressy skirt and this Tupac Tee that I DIY’d. And whenever my hair allows me, I throw on a hat with anything! So I would say this look is a Boho mash-up. Just a mixture of pieces that I like as individuals but like even more when styled together! God Bless!

Tee: JCP Men’s Department (old)

Skirt: H&M (clearance)

Gladiators: Steve Madden (very old)


11 Aug

IMG_8676 IMG_8648 IMG_8667 IMG_8677 IMG_8664 IMG_8715 IMG_8666

Sunday: This whole ensemble is hand-me-downs from Javar’s closet. As I always say, I love a man’s pair of pants and shirts. And since my son is starting to add to bulk to his frame, I get to choose what I want from his castaways. Before, I would “borrow” a shirt here and there but now I get to actually keep them. I know, like I need more clothes, right! Anyway, that’s not what we’re talking about right now, haha! So to add a feminine touch to these masculine pieces I chose the highest heels I own, sort of (I picked these Alexander McQueen/Lady GaGa-esque shoes up several months back along with a black pair with a contrasting heel). I knew they would require quite the balancing act, but they actually weren’t too bad. I even got my praise and worship on in them without even missing a step or twisting an ankle. And of course,  a nice topper also puts that finishing touch to any outfit. So my point is, you can have on the most basic outfit but it’s those extra things you do with the styling that makes the difference. Until next, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Shirt: Old Navy (Men’s Department)

Shorts: Arizona (JCP-Men’s Department)

Shoes: Fahrenheit (Rugged Wearhouse)

Brights and White

5 Aug

IMG_8604 IMG_8612 IMG_8601 IMG_8618

Sunday: I love an all white ensemble in the Summertime. It just makes the wearer’s skin glow especially if you have a tan (or a God-given tan that us brown people carry all year round, lol). Another thing is that it gives off a real clean, polished look no matter if you’re wearing something a bit more dressy or even if it is more casual like a pair of white jeans. But of course I couldn’t just leave it as an all white look. I had to add a pop of color with my footwear. I just can’t have a monochromatic outfit without adding something else to it. I usually love the monochrome look when I see it on other people but for myself, I feel that I need something else. That’s just my personal style! That’s what personal style is all about. Doing what feels right to you no matter what others might do or say. Express yourself how you like through fashion! Until next time, God Bless!

Dress: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Shoe Show

Casual Summer Style

2 Aug

IMG_8583 IMG_8594 IMG_8580 IMG_8596 IMG_8589

Saturday: Just an easy casual outfit for a Summer day! A pair of denim cutoffs are a Summer staple and so easy to throw on no matter what kind of look you’re going for. I love them with this slouchy, lightweight tank. To dress things up a little I threw on these leopard print heels. Heels can dress up any outfit no matter if it is leisure wear, athletic wear or casual denim. If you know me, you know that I’ve worn heels with all of the above at some point. And of course, I had to rock one of my favorite hats! Do you a Summer go-to piece? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Tank: H&M

Cutoffs: Levi (Urban Outfitters)-old

Shoes: DEB Shop (now out of business)