In the Lime Light

31 Aug

IMG_9592 IMG_9595 IMG_9571 IMG_9583 IMG_9593

Sunday: One of the many dresses that I picked up during one of my last shopping trips. The shoes that I already had, just happened to go with the lime green piping in the dress. I love a good dress and when I find them for a great price (super markdowns), I tend to purchase almost every one that I like. Actually during this one time, I had so many dresses draped over my arm that another shopper asked me “to leave some for her”. Ha,Ha! Whatever lady! Is what I thought to myself as I politely laughed off what she said. First of all, first come, first serve. Second of all, she did not even look like she would wear any of the dresses that I had picked out. They were not her “style”! Or shall I say, they didn’t appear to be her “style”. But then again, some things that I buy don’t look like they would be my “style” but when I style them with other pieces, they turn into my personal style. But anyway, I didn’t care what she said or what she thought. I tried every one of those dresses on and left with the almost every one of them. That’s the payoff of searching through the racks of clearance items or hunting through the racks of the off-price stores and thrift stores. Some people don’t enjoy the hunt, but I do. That’s what makes shopping so fun to me. Finding the unexpected piece and/or getting a great price for a piece. So now that it’s the end of Summer season, go out and scour those clearance racks and let’s see the treasures you find! Have fun! God Bless!

Dress: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Rainbow (old)

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