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Plenty of Birds

27 Sep

IMG_9930 IMG_9924 IMG_9928 IMG_9923 IMG_9919 IMG_9925

Sunday: Love these high waist culottes! They’re a little bit too tight for my taste but they’ll work. I always try everything on, especially bottom pieces, because manufacturers/brands/designers all cut their clothes differently. Meaning, a size 6 in one brand is sometimes not that same size 6 in another brand. Even within the same brand you might wear two different sizes. Also, nowadays, designers/brands are usingĀ  vanity sizing. This is when the item of clothing is really one size (a size 10, for example) but they put a size 8 on the label. This is done to basically make the customer not feel as bad about their size and think that they really are a size smaller. Quite sneaky, right? So, needless to say, that’s one reason why I try everything on. The other reason is that just because I like how something looks on the hanger doesn’t necessarily mean that I will like how it looks on me. Ok, so the reason why these culottes don’t fit how I really would like them to is because I had already done a fitting room run and was checking out when I came across a few more pieces that I had to have. So because I didn’t have any time left to try them on, I just grabbed them and checked out. I digress! I styled them with this quirky printed button down and a simple pair of ankle strap sandals to show a little skin and not cut my legs off too much. Culottes are still very of the moment for the Fall/Winter so pull out the ones you already have or go by some new ones. They’re in all the stores! I hope you had a great 1st weekend of Fall! God Bless!

Shirt: BCF

Culottes: H&M

Shoes: Coach

Birds Of A Feather

16 Sep

IMG_9860 IMG_9854 IMG_9888 IMG_9859 IMG_9871 IMG_9889

Sunday: I’ve had these shoes for a while now but wanted to style them with another black and white pattern piece. So amongst the many black and white pieces that I own, this draped bird blouse won out. Mixed the dressiness of the blouse and heels with these pair of higher waist cropped jeans that are super old (almost vintage). And of course a derby topper to complete the look. Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Blouse: Nicole by Nicole Miller (JCP)

Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes: Cosmopolitan (JCP)

Flesh Tones

14 Sep

IMG_9734 IMG_9741 IMG_9769 IMG_9746

A cool, minimalistic look for a hot Summer day. Although these shorts are leather (faux) the lining in them actually makes them cool to the touch on the skin. And to add to the minimal feel, I styled them with this tissue thin, loose-fitting tank. These tanks are a basic wardrobe staple for your Summer looks. They go with everything making your look easy and relaxed. The multi-buckle strapped heels dress the look up a little and make my legs look longer. Also, the nude/flesh tone color help to elongate the legs (Fashion Tip). God Bless!

Tank: H&M

Shorts: ?? (old)

Shoes: Mossimo (Target)

Macro Botanicals

6 Sep

IMG_9819 IMG_9805 IMG_9821 IMG_9809 IMG_9841 IMG_9808

Sunday: Styled these cropped pants with a basic black, loose-fitting tank. Since the pants has such a bold and large scale print, the solid black tank didn’t compete with it. Instead of a basic color shoe I styled the look with these chunky heeled sandals of neutral colors but a pop of print. I like how the little sliver of print on the sandals “clashes” with the print of the pants. The jacket was added for the modesty factor that I had to possess for church. Since the clock is ticking very fast, I’m trying to get some last minute wear out of my Summer wardrobe pieces before the cool air begins to settle in (ugh!). Enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend! God Bless!

Tank: Old Navy (very old)

Pants: Worthington (Spring 2015)

Shoes: ?(can’t remember right now) -BCF