Macro Botanicals

6 Sep

IMG_9819 IMG_9805 IMG_9821 IMG_9809 IMG_9841 IMG_9808

Sunday: Styled these cropped pants with a basic black, loose-fitting tank. Since the pants has such a bold and large scale print, the solid black tank didn’t compete with it. Instead of a basic color shoe I styled the look with these chunky heeled sandals of neutral colors but a pop of print. I like how the little sliver of print on the sandals “clashes” with the print of the pants. The jacket was added for the modesty factor that I had to possess for church. Since the clock is ticking very fast, I’m trying to get some last minute wear out of my Summer wardrobe pieces before the cool air begins to settle in (ugh!). Enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend! God Bless!

Tank: Old Navy (very old)

Pants: Worthington (Spring 2015)

Shoes: ?(can’t remember right now) -BCF

One Response to “Macro Botanicals”

  1. Tess September 22, 2015 at 10:32 #

    I have those same pants and i actually bought the shirt with it as well.. And I still haven’t worn it.. Lol said the same thing you just said in your post to Ian that I should wear it before the good weather is over!!! Hopefully I can wear it this weekend!!!!

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