Plenty of Birds

27 Sep

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Sunday: Love these high waist culottes! They’re a little bit too tight for my taste but they’ll work. I always try everything on, especially bottom pieces, because manufacturers/brands/designers all cut their clothes differently. Meaning, a size 6 in one brand is sometimes not that same size 6 in another brand. Even within the same brand you might wear two different sizes. Also, nowadays, designers/brands are using  vanity sizing. This is when the item of clothing is really one size (a size 10, for example) but they put a size 8 on the label. This is done to basically make the customer not feel as bad about their size and think that they really are a size smaller. Quite sneaky, right? So, needless to say, that’s one reason why I try everything on. The other reason is that just because I like how something looks on the hanger doesn’t necessarily mean that I will like how it looks on me. Ok, so the reason why these culottes don’t fit how I really would like them to is because I had already done a fitting room run and was checking out when I came across a few more pieces that I had to have. So because I didn’t have any time left to try them on, I just grabbed them and checked out. I digress! I styled them with this quirky printed button down and a simple pair of ankle strap sandals to show a little skin and not cut my legs off too much. Culottes are still very of the moment for the Fall/Winter so pull out the ones you already have or go by some new ones. They’re in all the stores! I hope you had a great 1st weekend of Fall! God Bless!

Shirt: BCF

Culottes: H&M

Shoes: Coach


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