Sheer Madness

13 Nov

IMG_0859 IMG_0864 IMG_0854 IMG_0863

The dress over pants look. Some people like, some people don’t. As you can see, I’m one of the ones who do. When your dress is a bit too short to wear in certain situations, throw on a pair of pants underneath. It also works with this look because these faux leather pants have a laser cut design from the top to the bottom with only a small bit of lining that hit me above mid thigh. As much as I don’t like wearing an all black ensemble, this last minute look was ok. Other than the boredom I feel in all black, it doesn’t photograph very well unless the lighting is perfect. So that laser cut detail I mentioned in the pants, just cannot be made out well in these photos. What do you think of all black outfits? Until the next time, God Bless!

Dress: F21 (brand new but old)

Pants: H&M (Las Vegas)

Shoes: Adriana Papell (Rugged Warehouse)- last year


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