Archive | December, 2015

Top Flight

30 Dec


I literally dug out this old jumpsuit that I purchased like 10 yrs ago but never wore. I always come across it as I randomly romp through my closet on occasion but for no good reason I just stuff it right back on the top shelf. It’s material is reminiscent of the parachute pants of yesteryear (circa 1980s). It’s comfy enough to run around to do errands in and still be put-together. Also, the weather was perfect so I didn’t need to layer up to much. Thanks for keeping up with me and the blog this year. I hope I inspired you to have more fun with your fashion! Until 2016, God Bless!

Jumpsuit: Barefeet Shoes (Cherry Hill-now closed)

Sneakers: Sam Edelman (Nordstrom Rack)

In the Navy

14 Dec


This dress is one of the pieces I picked up while shopping in Las Vegas. It’s fabric that can be worn in colder weather with a pair of tights or on a warmer day with bare legs. And since it was one of those unusually warm days in December here on the East Coast, I decided to wear my toes out. Why not? Let’s take advantage of these warm Spring-like days until they are gone. Just think, this time last year we already had snow, ugh! And since everyone knows I loathed snow, I am not complaining one bit about it being so warm. I know it’s Christmas time and people here on the East Coast believe that Christmas equates to cold and snow, I don’t. I could just as well spend Christmas in the Caribbean and be content. If my family were there.Well, hope your enjoying getting prepared for the up coming holidays. Until the next time, God Bless!

Hat: JCP

Dress: H&M

Booties: Apple Bottoms

Bicycle, Bicycle

6 Dec


I’m loving this hunter green mid skirt. It’s a faux leather and can be worn higher up on the waist, like I’m doing or you can slouch it lower to sit on the hips. I styled it to in a more school girl/70’s style way with this classic button down shirt. The bike print makes it a bit more quirky, which I love. And these platform ankle boots makes the look more modern. Plus, I like the contrast of the honey-colored booties with the green. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Denim Blazer: GAP (very old)

Shirt: Liz Claiborne (brand new but old)

Skirt: WAYF (Where Are You From?) (Nordstrom Rack)

Booties: Juicy Couture (very old)

Lady in a Blue Dress

4 Dec


Now looking at these pics, I could of shortened this dress a bit more so there would of been more leg showing between the boots and the dress. Anyway, I wore this to celebrate my aunt’s 60th birthday. Originally, I had a different dress picked out to wear but as the day went on and the time came to get dressed, I changed my mind. Have you ever felt like not getting dressed? Well, this was one of those days. So I opted for something easy and comfy. This dress fit that description. And since it was still so warm outside, bare legs won out. I am gonna ride out this mild weather until the end! God Bless!

Dress: Michael Kors

OTK Boots: Ivanka Trump (Nordstrom-last year)

Hat: F21 (last year)