Patching Things Up

15 Jan


It’s definitely sweater weather now! But still not too bad. Layered a long-sleeve shirt underneath so I can go coatless. Everything is loose-fitting today, the way that I like it. Sporting my new topper I picked up from Forever 21. I didn’t intend on purchasing anything but a few pieces of jewelry but when I saw literally, piles of hats stacked upon stacks, I had to take a look. Little did I know that they had marked down ones mixed in with the regular price ones. The marked downs were at 60% off the original. So you can guess what happened. I went through every stack and walked out the store with a whole new collection to add to my already abundant collection. What can I say, I love a good lid! Have you caught any good sales lately? God Bless!

Sweater: Old Navy (Clearance)

Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Navy (very old)

Jeans: Treasure & Bond Boyfriend Jeans

Booties: Cleo & Zoe

Hat: F21


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