17 May


I have been looking for a pair of wide leg overalls for a while. Well, actually not actively looking but checking to see if a pair are wide-legged when I do come across a pair of overalls. I found a pair that reminded me of these high waist flare jeans, but in an overall form. They were at H&M but when I tried on what is usually my size, I couldn’t even get them over my hips. I know that H&M sizes run small but these were ridiculously small. And of course they didn’t have any bigger sizes. And then a couple of months later I stumbled upon these. I saw them online, on clearance, but was a bit skeptical because they were a size small. I usually do mediums but I thought, why not take a chance; I could just return them to the store if they don’t work. Although they are a little more fitted then my usual style, I was happy with them. My favorite is the slits at the bottom of the leg. They are a bit long so a flatform was in order so they wouldn’t drag the ground much. I didn’t like how the pant leg fell when a tried them on with wedges. Are you in to overalls for yourself? God Bless!

Crop Sweater: Rainbow

Overalls: Erin Wasson X Pac Sun

Flatform Sandals: UO (old)


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