Hey Mickey

12 Jun


I’ve been called Cookie Monster, Barney, and Violet (from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-btw,one of my favs). All by Javar. He always has some smart and funny comment about my colors, lol. He doesn’t ever talk about my personal style but he will clown me on my colors. I guess he’s used to seeing my dress the way I do which can sometimes be “not the norm”. Anyway, I don’t quite know what to call this color myself. It reads a bit different in photos but also in person, depending on the lightening. I guess some might call it cobalt blue or perhaps a shade of purple. I’m not sure but I like it. It’s very vibrant and makes me happy. Isn’t that what colors should do, brighten our mood? What do you think of bright/vibrant colors for your wardrobe? Are you bold enough to wear bold colors? Or are neutrals more your comfort zone? Later for now. God Bless!

Jacket and Pants: Worthington (JCP)-old

Mickey Mouse Tee: Boscov’s

Shoes: Coach


2 Responses to “Hey Mickey”

  1. D June 13, 2016 at 11:17 #

    You rock those colors well. Not everyone can.

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