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11 Jan

Starting off the New Year in logos! A lot of people don’t like to wear the brand/designer pieces that showcase their logos. Logos are most popularly displayed on handbags/purses but now they are being put on everything! A lot of designers are most recognizable by their logos such as the ‘F’ in Fendi, the ‘GGs’ of Gucci or the ‘MK’ for Michael Kors. Not only are those popular letters being seen, but also the designer/brand name itself as seen in the knit that I’m wearing. Some people may not like it but I’m ok with it as long as it’s a piece that I genuinely like! I’m not going wear it just because it shows the world that you’re wearing a designer brand but for those who do, it doesn’t bother me! Another way people, especially celebrities are wearing designer logos is by piling them on altogether! Not just going for one piece at a time but by wearing a bit excessive but I’ll admit, sometimes I like the look if it’s pulled off the right way! But that’s just me and my style preferences. Anyway, I picked this Zara knit up a few months ago full price but now it’s on sale here. I really like the color combination. On top of that, I love a turtleneck/poloneck and anything from Zara’s knit collection or almost anything knit for that matter! Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Blazer: Vintage

Knit: Zara

Jeans: BDG? (Urban Outfitters)

Ankle Boots: ? (Gabes)