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24 Jun


Sweatshirt: Disney (Boscov’s)

Blouse: H&M

Boots: Saks


Under/Over Wear

24 Jun


Hat: Vince Camuto

Tee: Mens’ Department (Rugged Wearhouse)

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack


24 Jun


Been away for a while and just playing catch up with some pics I never posted. So it is now Summer but you will see some of my Winter looks.

Dress: Vintage

Boots: Michael Kors (very old)


8 Mar

Just realized this is an unintentional, menswear look. Sporting some men’s Golden State Warriors warmup pants. I love the relaxed, comfy fit and the yellow/gold really pops with the black. The oversized white button down shirt is a hand-me-down from Javar. And although the hat and shoes are women’s, they are menswear-inspired. If you’ve never styled your man’s or your son’s shirt (or pants) into a look, give it a try! God Bless!

Shirt: American Eagle (Men’s)

Pants: Gabe’s


1st in Flight

27 Nov

IMG_1144IMG_1167IMG_1161IMG_1151IMG_1169As a lover of a jumpsuit/onesie or any piece that is an all-in-one, this “flight suit” was a must-have. Yes, it does look like something worn by a pilot who is about to take flight, but I like it! It gives off the vibe of a World War I or WWII pilot ready for battle. I couldn’t help but imagine the great Amelia Earhart, the 1st female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. I think it was the neck scarf that really did it. It’s a casual piece that’s a bit masculine but the heels give it a feminine touch. Well, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: H&M (in Conneticut)

Shooties(shoes/booties): Cosmopolitan (JCP)-brand new but old

Scarf: Vintage

Jump Suiting into Fall

4 Oct

IMG_9987 IMG_9957 IMG_9943 IMG_9990

Sunday: A jumpsuit is one of those pieces that anyone can wear. It doesn’t matter how tall, short, thin or curvy you are. My only complaint is that most of the ones that I find are always black. Don’t get me wrong, I love a black jumpsuit. They are so versatile and can be worn to any event because they can be easily styled to be dressy or casual. But if they came in a greater assortment of colors, I would be much happier. Ok, I do have a few that aren’t black but the majority of the styles that I’m drawn to are black. Anyway, I’m wearing one of my many black jumpsuits today. The good thing is that with black, any shoe color goes well. So these animal print/animal hair mules were the obvious choice for me today. What is your thought on jumpsuits? Are you in or out? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: Marshalls

Shoes: MIA Limited Edition (BCF)


11 Aug

IMG_8676 IMG_8648 IMG_8667 IMG_8677 IMG_8664 IMG_8715 IMG_8666

Sunday: This whole ensemble is hand-me-downs from Javar’s closet. As I always say, I love a man’s pair of pants and shirts. And since my son is starting to add to bulk to his frame, I get to choose what I want from his castaways. Before, I would “borrow” a shirt here and there but now I get to actually keep them. I know, like I need more clothes, right! Anyway, that’s not what we’re talking about right now, haha! So to add a feminine touch to these masculine pieces I chose the highest heels I own, sort of (I picked these Alexander McQueen/Lady GaGa-esque shoes up several months back along with a black pair with a contrasting heel). I knew they would require quite the balancing act, but they actually weren’t too bad. I even got my praise and worship on in them without even missing a step or twisting an ankle. And of course,  a nice topper also puts that finishing touch to any outfit. So my point is, you can have on the most basic outfit but it’s those extra things you do with the styling that makes the difference. Until next, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Shirt: Old Navy (Men’s Department)

Shorts: Arizona (JCP-Men’s Department)

Shoes: Fahrenheit (Rugged Wearhouse)