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With My Afro Puffs

13 Aug

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Saturday: Just a few pics from a 70s/80s party that I went to. I decided to do the 70s thing since it is one of my favorite fashion decades. I thrifted this maxi dress a while ago and was planning on wearing as just an everyday dress but with modern touches like I did with this one. But when I was invited to this party it gave me the opportunity to wear and style it according to its time period. I instantly knew that I was going to rock the afro puffs. That was bonus of having natural hair, I didn’t have to wear the afro wig I just used what I already had! The blue eye shadow was also the makeup trend in the 70s. It was either blue, purple or green. And of course, hoop earrings are a timeless staple that has been worn in every decade. The only disappointment with the whole look was that I was unable to wear shoes due to procedure that I had on my feet the day before. Oh well, maybe the next time! P.S.: how do you go to a themed party and not dress the part? Idk, just saying! Anyway, I have a few more days in these lovely surgical shoes, hence the lack of outfit posts this weekend. I just don’t feel right without a pair of shoes to complete an outfit! Hopefully, this weekend I will be back in regular footwear. Even if it’s not heels, I just miss shoes/boots/flats, anything, please! Y’all know how I love a pair of shoes! I am going thru withdrawls! Ok, I digress! Until next time, God Bless!