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25 Oct


There’s something about a dragonfly that is intriguing to me. So when I came across this longline vest with dragonfly appliques on the back, I had to have it! Styled it with loose fitting pair of culottes to give it a sophisticated but relaxed look. Later may style it with a pair of jeans for a different look. God Bless!

Longline Vest: Nordstrom Rack

Culottes: Nordstrom Rack

Sandals: Nasty Gal


Potato Sack

24 Oct


Yes, I do believe they literally took potato sacks to make this dress! It reminded me of the ‘I Love Lucy’ episode where Lucy and Ethel wanted a designer original dress and Ricky and Fred got the ladies dresses made from potato sacks as a joke. Anyway, here I am in a potato sack! Until the next time, God Bless!

Sack Dress: Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

Gladiator Sandals: Mandee’s


23 Oct

I am in love with this piece! I didn’t exactly know what it was while hanging on the rack but I knew it was something that I wanted! I love that it has two different textures, one pretty smooth and the other a bit rough. The rough side is what I preferred but that was the side that had the label designating that it is the “wrong side/inside” of the garment. So guess what, that’s the side I wore it on any way! And the sneakers! What can I say? I know they are not a lot of people’s style but I love them and they are my “personal style”. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Dress: Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

Platform Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell

African Beaded Choker: Vender at a show

Gingham Style

22 Oct


Did you realize that sneakers can be worn with anything? That’s my belief anyway! God Bless!

Top: Gabe’s

Skirt: Gabe’s (I think)

Sneakers: Nike (Marshall’s in Chicago)


21 Oct


It’s already public knowledge, but I love a caftan! This time a veered off my usual Mrs. Roper style and went with an African print! Instead of the expected sandal, I chose a pair of sneakers. Bye for now! God Bless!

Caftan: Sorry! Don’t remember cause I had it for a few years!

Sneakers: Adidas (JCP)


15 Jul

Wearing one of my favorite pieces as of late, the bodysuit. Not this one specifically, but I’m beginning to get quite a collection of bodysuits. I knew this one was a taker when I saw it. I actually saw a t-shirt a while ago that said the same thing but didn’t buy it. But the bodysuit, it was a no-brainer. It’s actually a phrase that I use quite often and also follow that advise myself. When you want to know something, Google it! God Bless!

Bodysuit: Mandee’s

Shorts: Levi’s (old)

Gladiator Sandals: Mandee’s

Kimono/Robe: JCP

Cold Shoulder

17 May


The off-the-shoulder trend is big this season! I bought this top before Christmas with intentions on wearing it once the Spring/Summer season hit. This trend can be found at all price points and come in several different variations of garments. I purchased several over the last few months so be prepared to see them here on the blog as the warmers days approach. Now I’m wishing that I would’ve kept a couple that I had many years ago (that’s why I hang on the pieces now; they resurface again and again in the fashion cycle). The off-the-shoulder style reminds me of the Hispanic culture. I can imagine beautiful Mexican girls milling about with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. Anyway, dressed it down with these jeans with patches but then elevated the look again with a pop of animal print heels. Give the off-the-shoulder trend a go! Every woman has beautiful shoulders. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of the rest of your body you will feel comfortable with this look. God Bless!

Top: K-Mart

Jeans: ??? (CCCS-last yr)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson