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The Caped Crusader

11 Feb


Who doesn’t love a cape! Wearing a cape instantly amps up any outfit, no matter what it is! You can throw on a cape with a sweatsuit and you instantly look pulled together! I own several capes. Most of them are outerwear pieces so this one is a bit different. I don’t think there’s anything too interesting about the overall look until the cape gets added. How do you feel about capes? Until the next time, God Bless!

Cape: Nordstrom Rack

Jeans: Levis’ (very old)

Top: JCP (old)

Belt: Gucci

Boots: Tods (very old)


Stripes and Tartan

4 Feb

IMG_6028 IMG_6042 IMG_6058 IMG_6087 IMG_6032

Sunday: A little pattern mixing is always a fun styling option. When and if you decide to try mixing patterns, the key is to keep in the same color families. The colors in both patterns should compliment eachother. I guess this isn’t the right oufit to try to explain that being as though my pattern mixing only consists of two colors. You can search Google for a few examples to show you how this trend looks in color. It might feel a little weird, at first, but give it a try. You’ll know if the combination works or not. Go with your gut on this trend. Others may not understand your look but if you’re comfortable and happy with the way it turns out, who cares what others think! Oh yeah, almost forgot about the cape. I rediscovered it while browsing thru my coat closet. Turns out a already had a couple of capes/cape coats that I totally forgot about. See, it does pay to shop your closet intead of shopping the stores (sometimes). Old hidden treasures are like new again! God Bless!

Turtleneck: F21 (super old)

Sweater: F21 (last season)

Pants: Old Navy

Booties: Tory Burch

Cape: ??(very old)

*Just realized this outfit has a theme, Irish Chic! The tartan pants and the kiltie boots.



The Highs and the Lows

25 Jan

IMG_5923 IMG_5924 IMG_5932 IMG_5921 IMG_5935

Sunday: A dressed down day calls for some jeans and OTK boots. The tunic is one of the pieces that I found at the CCCS shopping event back in the Fall. It was a brand new piece with the tags still attached. When I tried it on it was a definite must have piece. I love that the front is higher and the back hangs low. And the color is very vibrant, which I love! The cape is a trendy piece right now. It’s hard to find a good one that is reasonably priced. Mostly available are blanket wraps/capes. This one is a nice weight and has a lining. I actually found it while thrifting a few years back. It’s one of those items that I recovered uncovered while doing so wardrobe cleaning that had been “lost” among some other things. Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by. God Bless!

Turtleneck: very old

Tunic: Jil Sander (CCCS)

Jeggings: UO (old)

Boots: Ivanka Trump (Bloomingdales)

Mrs. Fancy Pants

6 Apr

IMG_2167 IMG_2174 IMG_2182 IMG_2163 IMG_2194 IMG_2168 IMG_2179 IMG_2201

Sunday: 1st let me start off by complaining. Nothing major, just these too small pants! What had happened was, I spotted these trousers on the clearance rack and decided they would be the perfect edition to my ever-growing collection of printed/pattern pants. They were my size (so I thought), and I don’t remember if I tried them on or not. But this a.m. when I put them on, OMG! They are too tight! Everyone knows how I love a loose/saggy/drop-crotch pant so these did not fit to my liking! Uggh! Loose in the waist, too tight in the butt and thighs and looser in the lower legs. I’m o.k with a little bit of fit every now and then but these are ridiculous! I need to be comfortable and able to move in my clothes. I couldn’t even lift my leg to get in the car. I had to slide in. Anyways, I digress! This will be the 1st and the last time these will be worn by me. They have got to go! So since these “fancy pants” are quite shiny and dressy looking, I wore this embellished sweatshirt to tone them down a little. Even though the sweatshirt has a little “bling” to it, it’s still a sweatshirt, a casual piece. Last but not least, the denim cape. I picked it up while thrifting several years back and finally decided to take it out for a spin. It’s actually a custom piece (according to the homemade label inside). I like that the designer used a brooch-like zipper pull to give it a little something special. Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Sweatshirt: Joe Fresh (JCP)

Trousers: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Nine West (very old)

Cape: Thrifted