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Vintage Inspired

19 Apr

This is a dress that I “stalked” a few months back. When I say “stalked”, it means I want the piece, but don’t want to pay the current asking price so I literally go back and check on it every week to see if they mark it down to a price that I want to pay. Sometimes it works out and I am able to take the piece home with me at a price that I’m comfortable with, but sometimes someone else snatches it up 1st. If the latter happens, I just say to myself that it wasn’t meant to be. Although I have several vintage dresses, I wanted this one because it has that vintage feel without actually being vintage. And of course the tie neck and the pockets sealed the deal! God Bless!

Dress: Classiques Entier

Shoes: Marni

Bag: Hand-Made by a designer from the Dominican Republic (CCCS 2015)