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8 Mar

Just realized this is an unintentional, menswear look. Sporting some men’s Golden State Warriors warmup pants. I love the relaxed, comfy fit and the yellow/gold really pops with the black. The oversized white button down shirt is a hand-me-down from Javar. And although the hat and shoes are women’s, they are menswear-inspired. If you’ve never styled your man’s or your son’s shirt (or pants) into a look, give it a try! God Bless!

Shirt: American Eagle (Men’s)

Pants: Gabe’s



6 Mar


Who doesn’t love a classic turtleneck? I love turtleneck. And when it boasts some detail, even better! The Amore patch with the winged heart just makes it a little bit more special and fun. What do you think about a turtleneck?

Turtleneck: F21

Jeans: H&M


5 Mar

Just some jeans and hoodie. This boots are so different with the knotted bow detail. I thought I could fit them when I 1st came across them and tried them on. I bought them but then realized on this day that they were too tight. So they are now up for sale on my IG Boutique Page (@1ststatestyle_resaleboutique) or at my Poshmark Closet (1statestyle). Head on over to either or both and do some shopping! They both have the same clothes/shoes/accessories listed for sale (a variety of sizes, including plus size) so check out whichever one is convenient for you! Thanks in advance for your support and thanks for supporting the blog! God Bless!

Sweatshirt: Boscov’s

Jeans: GAP (super old)

Boots: Thrifted

Old School

4 Mar


This top was a must-have when I came across it! It reminded me of a top I had as a child. Nothing screams old school like velour! I love the color combo too! Styled it with some highwaist, flare leg jeans that have some cool details like lighter denim and red stitching.  I look like I stepped off the set of “That 70s Show” (intentionally). God Bless!

Velour Top (Upcycled): UO

Jeans: BCG

Suede Desert Booties: ?? (can’t recall right now)


3 Mar


A quick and easy way to make a look more sporty…throw on a warm up jacket!

Jacket: BCF

Skirt: JCP

Boots: Circus by Sam Edelman

Beret Hat: Jessica Simpson (very old)

The Caped Crusader

11 Feb


Who doesn’t love a cape! Wearing a cape instantly amps up any outfit, no matter what it is! You can throw on a cape with a sweatsuit and you instantly look pulled together! I own several capes. Most of them are outerwear pieces so this one is a bit different. I don’t think there’s anything too interesting about the overall look until the cape gets added. How do you feel about capes? Until the next time, God Bless!

Cape: Nordstrom Rack

Jeans: Levis’ (very old)

Top: JCP (old)

Belt: Gucci

Boots: Tods (very old)

Las Bicycletas

10 Feb


Finally found these Levis ‘Wedgie Fit’ Jeans that 1st came to my attention almost a year ago. They were sold out everywhere which was fine with me because they were selling at a price that I was not willing to pay but would have bought them at a much lower rate. Styled them with this bike sweater that I picked up from the Mens’ Department during that additional off the sale price event along with this belt bag. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to much your bag to your shoes or belt but I liked how the honey colored boots pop like the bag/belt. Do you believe you shoes need to match your belt or bag? God Bless!

Sweater: F21 (Mens’ Department)

Jeans: Levis’ Wedgie Fit

Boots: Juicy Couture (super old!!)

Belt Bag: F21