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Potato Sack

24 Oct


Yes, I do believe they literally took potato sacks to make this dress! It reminded me of the ‘I Love Lucy’ episode where Lucy and Ethel wanted a designer original dress and Ricky and Fred got the ladies dresses made from potato sacks as a joke. Anyway, here I am in a potato sack! Until the next time, God Bless!

Sack Dress: Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

Gladiator Sandals: Mandee’s

23 Jul


Dress: Gabes

Shoes: Don’t remember brand right now

15 Sep


Who doesn’t love a maxi anything! Well, I guess if you’re a bit height challenged wearing a maxi dress/skirt could be a challenge but it could be done (with the help of a good tailor). This skirt I actually picked up from a pop up boutique at an event we went to early Spring. The actual boutique is in Jersey and I still have yet to make a trip there but it will happen. She had pieces that were so spot on my style that after watching me shop, the owner actually picked out pieces that she knew I would like. I was drawn to the colors and the busy print on this skirt. I love the mix of the floral with the stripes! Are you into maxi dresses/skirts? How do you style them? God Bless!

Tank: JCP (old)

Skirt: Gracia

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Denim and Knee Highs

6 Jul

I kept looking at this dress and I finally gave in and purchased it. I actually like the way the styling turned out. The knee high cut-out boots (or shoes or whatever) give the look a bit more edge. The denim jacket I really threw on to cover up so I didn’t feel or look too “naked” in church, but I like how it completes the look. Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Denim Jacket: Old Navy

Dress: Rugged Warehouse

Shoes: Chelsea & Zoe

Just Peachy

5 Jun


Edged up this rather feminine dress with the gladiator sandals. I own few past over the last several but these I adore because of the open, silver tone square heels. They dress up what would otherwise be a more casual gladiator sandal. And yes, they do give you a crazy crisscross tan, ugh! I didn’t realize the sun was so powerful that day. We only sat out for a little while. Are you a partaker of the gladiator trend that’s been around for quite some years now? If not, why not? They come in a variety of heel heights and colors for everyone’s personal style and taste. Until next time, God Bless!

Dress: JCP

Gladiator Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

Is It a Shoe or Is It a Boot?

18 Oct

IMG_0075 IMG_0090 IMG_0095

That’s the million dollar question. On one hand it’s shoe because the part that covers the foot, is a shoe. On the other hand it’s a boot because they go up the leg to the knee. In the past I’ve seen them called gladiator boots but because the shoe portion doesn’t resemble a gladiator sandal, I wouldn’t call them that. But whatever “they” call them, I love them! They have that edge that I like. I styled them with a rather simple outfit so that they are the main focus but I think they would look great with a short skirt or shorts too. Well, it’s time to hibernate them for the Winter so we’ll see what I do with them when the temps go back up again in Spring/Summer. God Bless!

Jacket: Nine West (very old)

Skirt: BCF

Shoes: Guess