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23 Oct

I am in love with this piece! I didn’t exactly know what it was while hanging on the rack but I knew it was something that I wanted! I love that it has two different textures, one pretty smooth and the other a bit rough. The rough side is what I preferred but that was the side that had the label designating that it is the “wrong side/inside” of the garment. So guess what, that’s the side I wore it on any way! And the sneakers! What can I say? I know they are not a lot of people’s style but I love them and they are my “personal style”. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Dress: Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

Platform Sneakers: Jeffrey Campbell

African Beaded Choker: Vender at a show

Go Away!

11 Dec


I’m finally wearing this velvet ensemble I picked up several months ago. It’s a bit snug in the thigh and booty for my taste but I made it work. Side note: H&M sizing is so unpredictable! They cut more for European sizing so whatever your US size is, you need to go up a size or two. Anyway, this may be my 1st and only time wearing these pants. Styling wise I wanted to keep the look more casual. With the velvet fabric and the green color the suit can read “Christmas”, which is fine if that’s what you’re going for. I wasn’t so to make things more fun and casual I went with this Oscar the Grouch tee and white sneakers. The sneakers really worked because the length of the pants aren’t long enough for heels (for my taste anyway). Have you participated in the velvet trend yet? I have a few other velvet pieces in my wardrobe so you will be seeing more! Until the next time, God Bless!

Jacket/Pants: H&M

Sneakers: Jeffery Campbell

Golden Nights

9 Dec


This is the night look from the day look of the previous post. I ditched the long cardi and swapped it out for this colorful, chic blazer. I also replaced the furry footwear for something a bit more glam like these amazing, curved heel booties. Now that I’m looking at them, they kind of have a cowboy boot feel to them. You see how two basic pieces like the turtleneck and jeans can go from day to night? Have you ever done a day to night look with an outfit? God Bless!

Blazer: Vintage Dior

Jeans: BDG

Boots: Jeffery Campbell

Rough Around the Edges

24 Sep


Some may call this a jumper dress and others may call it a pinafore dress. Whatever it’s called it was a great choice for this steamy hot day! It’s lightweight denim and super comfy! Perfect for running around getting things done. I styled it with my shiny sneakers to make it even more laid back and casual. How are you beating the heat with wardrobe choices? God Bless!

Dress: Forever 21

Sneakers: JC Sport by Jeffrey Campbell

Pretty Sneaky

23 Sep


Just wondering if my new found love of sneakers and flat shoes will change once the temperature begins to drop. But for now, I just can’t get enough! The fact that this jumpsuit is a bit revealing on the top (a bit too much cleavage for my taste), meant that I wanted to create a more sporty and less “sexy” look so the sneakers were a no-brainer. The jean jacket also added a touch more modesty and warmth for the subzero air conditioning. This is another one of those Summer to Fall transition pieces. Are you currently or will you transition any of your Summer pieces? Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Jumpsuit: Finders Keepers

Sneakers: JC Sport by Jeffrey Campbell

Jean Jacket: Old Navy


6 Aug


Sporting my white “orthopedic” sneakers that I love so much! Everything about this look speaks comfort to me. A t-shirt, which is the epitome of comfort. Denim, an American icon when it comes to clothing and what is thought of as comfortable clothing. And then, of course, the sneakers. You probably wouldn’t find anyone on Earth who wouldn’t consider sneakers/trainers as being pinnacle of any comfortable outfit. What do consider comfy when it comes to fashion? God Bless!

Tee: Rugged Wearhouse

Skirt: JCP

Sneakers: JC by Jeffrey Campbell

Romping Thru Town

27 Jul

Another onesie! This one is like wearing my pj’s outside with a pair of sneakers. I bought it extra loose fitting (as I do most of my clothing) to give the look that easy, carefree vibe. The metallic sneakers give that pop against the black background of the romper. Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Romper: I Heart Ronson (JCP)

Sneakers: JC Sport by Jeffrey Campbell