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9 Feb

IMG_1623 IMG_1627 IMG_1633 IMG_1626 IMG_1634 IMG_1629

Saturday: I wore this little number to a birthday in honor of my great-aunt’s 80th! As you know, I’m not usually the bodycon dress type but when I saw this one and tried it on, I knew it was a keeper! Every once in a while a girl wants to show her curves a little, lol! Anyways, I love the pop of color with the black. And the horizontal stripes don’t make me look bigger as that fashion myth proclaims. Instead of plain black footwear, I thought the silver cap toe booties went rather well with the whole ensemble. And of course I added the cropped jacket as a completer piece. And also to cover my arms since the dress was short sleeved. The dress is actually pretty warm due to the lining, which was sort of a pain because it crept out from underneath when I stood up and had to be adjusted. But it was still all good. The exposed zipper down the back was a good touch of detail too (if I went jacket-less). Had a great time with the extended family seeing loved ones who live far away and those close by that I don’t see much anymore. My highlight of the night was running into an old high school teacher, Ms. Holmes, who was there. We had so much fun in her class! More than we should have, actually!  She still looks great! I believe she even taught my mom and her siblings! Alright, let me go. I still have one more post for you! God Bless!

Dress: B. Smart (JCP)

Jacket: Target

Cap Toe Booties: Jessica Simpson

All Black Everything

17 Nov

IMG_0529 IMG_0533 IMG_0536 IMG_0534

Sunday: Ok, remember how I said that I am on the Visual Arts Team at church and we have to wear all black? Well, today was my day to do photos and this is my all black ensemble that I put together. OMG! Can I just tell you that I was sooo frustrated last night trying to put together an all black outfit that I felt comfortable in! When I say comfortable, I’m not talking physically comfortable but mentally/emotionally comfy in. By that I mean that I am not an all black type of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I do like when I see some women or men in all all black. It actually looks very chic to me. But it’s just not for me. Everything that I tried on was just not working for me. I can really say that I can sympathize with the women who say that they just don’t feel good when they get dressed sometimes. That’s exactly how I felt in those all black outfits. And because I wasn’t going to be disobedient, I just had to find something that would work. I know, a little color or something wouldn’t be blatantly disrespectful, but I do try to wear something to fade into the background as to not draw attention to myself as I am trying to inconspicuously take photos. But anyways, after about an hour or so, I decided that I could just wear a black jacket over my black bottoms. The details of the jacket and my pewter shooties take away the boringness of a colorless and patternless outfit. And of course, accessories can’t hurt either! How do you feel about wearing all black? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Leather Jacket: BCF

Skirt: Worthington (BCF)-old

Shooties: F21

Modern Vintage

23 Apr

IMG_6519 IMG_6527 IMG_6539 IMG_6544 IMG_6531

Sunday: Sorry for the late post. This is what I wore to church. It’s a vintage maxi dress I found at the estate sale I went to last year. I love the colors! Also, the fit is perfect! I didn’t have to alter it at all. I wanted to make the whole look more modern so I added the nude platform maryjane’s and the leather cropped jacket. Also, I kept my hair modern. I didn’t want to look like I stepped out of the past. Sometimes, I like a complete vintage look, the outfit, hair and accessories. But most of the time, I like to wear modern accessories with vintage pieces. This dress actually has  3/4 length sleeves and zips up the back. I was in a rush (well, not me exactly, Javar was) taking these photos so I didn’t even think to take my jacket off.  Anyways, I told myself that I will start wearing more of my vintage pieces. Most of them are dresses and skirts so since the weather is getting into the bare-legged territory, let’s see how I do. Hope your week is going well. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Dress: Vintage

Jacket: Ali & Kris (old)

Shoes: Aldo (old)

The World is the Runway

10 Feb

IMG_5692 IMG_5712 IMG_5693 IMG_5698 IMG_5719

Saturday: Not many are fans, but as for me, I love some camo. Camouflage can be dressed down or dressed up. I prefer to dress it up a little. I especially love to wear it with more feminine pieces to keep it from going too soldier (which is the original intent but we civilians like to wear it too). Try to pair it with a more sexy/feminine shoe to take it from battlefield to runway (“EVERY DAY IS A FASHION SHOW AND THE WORLD IS THE RUNWAY”-Coco Chanel). I like how these pointy toe boots peek out from the bottom of the pants. I also like to add a pop of color in some way to keep the look from being too drab and neutral. I chose this vibrant turtleneck but I could’ve also went with a neutral colored top and a colored shoe as the pop of color. These camo cargos from the men’s department, my favorite, because they give me that loose, slouchy fit that I love so much. I left the drawstrings at the ankles loose to keep the pants straight and long. I also purchased a gray pair like these that I will probably wear with the drawstrings tightened exposing some ankle. I’ll have to see how that works out and post the photos. I thank God we dodged the bullet of that snow storm but for those who didn’t, stay safe. I can’t wait until this thing called Winter is gone. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and longer days. How about you? God Bless!

Turtleneck: Poof! (Boscovs)

Cargo Pants: Men’s Department (Forman Mills)

Jacket: ???? (very old)

Boots: Jessica Simpson (very old)

Earrings: Charles Klein (BCF)

Necklace: F21? (very old)

Watch: M.Kors

Fast Cars

22 Dec


Friday: I wore this to our Christmas outing for work. The shirtdress reminded of the print that Prada did with the car theme. I thought it was different. I like that the cars are somewhat cartoonish but is also made grown up and sophisticated because of the tie neck. The entire dress has contrasting elements that somehow work. The cars, the tie neck, a shirtdress and a mini length. Hair: I decided that I wanted to do a blow out for the holidays. So after several hours of washing, blowing and flatironing the night before, the wind had something else in mind (as you can see). But that’s ok but it just shows how light and full of body my blow out turned out! So soft and flowy, even better than when I used to relax it. It’s amazing what some products and a little time can do with all the harsh chemicals of a relaxer. I get to enjoy the best of both worlds, straight when I want, then a wash and I am right back to curls. Anyway, we went to dinner then to see “Jonah” at The Sight and Sound Theater. Ah-mazing! We also got to see one of our patients, little Sophia,  who starred in the show. We were so proud of her! She did a great job! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. God Bless!

Faux Leather Blazer: I Heart Ronson (JCP-very old)

Shirtdress: Connectiv (UO)

Booties: Nine West (Boscov’s)

Bracelets: BCBG; ; Thrifted; Boscov’s; TJ Maxx